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Lettuce: Elevate

Read "Elevate" reviewed by Doug Collette

In what is perhaps an act of self-fulfilling purpose, Lettuce lives up to the title of this album, despite the fact it is not the same band that recorded Rage (Velour Recordings, 2008) or Fly (Velour Recordings, 2012). The current lineup is missing the two main instrumentalists from that pinnacle of progression: guitarist Eric Krasno and ...


Marike van Dijk: The Stereography Project feat. Jeff Taylor and Katell Keineg

Read "The Stereography Project feat. Jeff Taylor and Katell Keineg" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

Raccontare i suoni di New York attraverso testi e voce di chi ci vive--Jeff Taylor, vocalist balzato agli onori della cronaca nel tributo a David Bowie a opera di Donny McCaslin--e di chi vi ha vissuto per un tempo necessario ad assorbirne umori e colori--la cantante britannica Katell Keineg--amicizia con Jeff Buckley e collaborazione con Iggy ...

Oscar Peterson: Date with Oscar

Read "Oscar Peterson: Date with Oscar" reviewed by Tom Greenland

Oscar Peterson

Date with Oscar

Membran Records


Alongside of the sad news of jazz piano legend Oscar Peterson's passing comes Date With Oscar, a ten-disc retrospective of his activities from 1950-56, a period of artistic flowering and prodigious productivity. Date is an uneven set, chock-full of gems, both lesser- ...

Sonny Stitt: Quadromania/One O'Clock Jump

Read "Sonny Stitt: Quadromania/One O'Clock Jump" reviewed by Samuel Chell

Sonny Stitt
Quadromania: One O'Clock Jump
Membran Records

Regarded by many musicians as the prototypal, or “most perfect," saxophonist, Sonny Stitt recorded some 150 sessions under his own name. These four discs in German company Membran's Quadromania series will, with the possible exception of some recorded tenor battles 1950-52 ...


Various: Jazz in the Charts 1/100: 1917-1921

Read "Jazz in the Charts 1/100: 1917-1921" reviewed by Elliott Simon

The folks at Germany's Membran have completed a fascinating take on the history of jazz aptly named Jazz in the Charts. In the process, they have developed a one-of-a-kind compilation of every jazz recording to reach the Billboard charts between the years 1917 and 1954, years when jazz was truly America's popular music.

A massive one ...