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Oz Noy: Schizophrenic

Read "Schizophrenic" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il chitarrista Oz Noy è nato in Israele ma risiede da tempo negli Stati Uniti e giunge, con questo Schizophrenic alla sua quarta prova discografica. A partire dal primo album (intitolato semplicemente Ha!) pubblicato nel 2005, il chitarrista si avvale di un manipolo di collaboratori importanti che rimane abbastanza stabile e gli consente di lavorare su ...


Oz Noy: Schizophrenic

Read "Schizophrenic" reviewed by John Kelman

While other fusion guitarists have received wider international acclaim, Israeli-born, US-resident guitarist Oz Noy has been working in the trenches, slowly amassing a discography as impressive for its writing as it is his tastefully virtuosic playing. Schizophrenic, the guitarist's fourth release since his 2005 Magnatude Records debut, Ha!, demonstrates considerable growth in both departments. Straddling the ...


Oz Noy: Fuzzy

Read "Fuzzy" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Da qualche tempo il chitarrista israeliano Oz Noy si sta facendo notare nel mondo della fusion. Le sue collaborazioni con Mike Stern e Mike Clark (batterista degli Headhunters di Herbie Hancock) lo hanno fatto conoscere al grosso pubblico, che presto si è convinto delle sue qualità tecniche. In questo suo nuovo disco c'è però altro, e ...


School of the Arts: School of the Arts

Read "School of the Arts" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

School of the Arts è un progetto fusion guidato dal pianista T Lavitz con alcuni dei migliori esponenti di questo genere. Tuttavia, paradossalmente, il CD si distingue da altre incioni di fusion per essere stato registrato senza strumenti elettrici, tranne il basso. Una fusion unplugged, insomma. L'idea di T Lavitz funziona - del resto, con musicisti ...


School of the Arts Featuring T Lavitz: School of the Arts

Read "School of the Arts" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Given the musicians assembled by pianist T.Lavitz on School of the Arts, it would hardly be hedging your bets to expect an out-and-out chops fest. What may come as a surprise, however, is that it is practically an all-acoustic affair. And whilst the tempo of the music is almost relentlessly fast, there are not so many ...


School of the Arts Featuring T Lavitz: School of the Arts

Read "School of the Arts" reviewed by John Kelman

It may be an all-acoustic affair (with the exception of electric bass), but School of the Arts bristles with fusion energy. That will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with even a few of the names on this project spearheaded by pianist T Lavitz, who first came to attention in 1979 when he joined The ...


Oz Noy: Fuzzy

Read "Fuzzy" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

As a sixteen-year old guitarist, Oz Noy made a noticeable splash in his native Israel. Since immigrating to New York, he's risen to first-call session status for a consortium of highly-visible pop, rock and jazz acts. But it's his solo recordings that have created the big buzz within progressive-rock circles. With his follow-up to Ha! (Magnatude, ...


Robert Walter: Super Heavy Organ

Read "Super Heavy Organ" reviewed by John Kelman

Organist Robert Walter is best known as a founding member of the dance-jazz funksters known as Greyboy Allstars. But since the mid-1990s he's also been involved in other projects, like the George Clinton tribute band The Clinton Administration--featuring instrumental workups of classic Parliament and Funkadelic tunes--and Robert Walter's 20th Congress, an update on 1970s jazz/funk. Super ...


Oz Noy: Ha!

Read "Ha!" reviewed by John Kelman

Guitarist Oz Noy may not yet be a household name, but there are plenty of musicians on the New York scene, where he relocated from Israel in '96, who recognize him for the innovator he is--including bassist/multi-instrumentalist Richard Bona, drummer Jeff “Tain Watts, and vibraphonist Mike Mainieri. Noy's working trio regularly includes bassists Will Lee and ...


The Fareed Haque Group: Cosmic Hug

Read "Cosmic Hug" reviewed by John Kelman

When guitarist Fareed Haque first came onto the scene in the late '80s, he revealed his impressive technique and placed diverse musical interests, including classical and Indian music, within a more improvisational jazz context. It seemed as though he'd be the next big thing. With a melodic sensibility that brought to mind certain elements of Pat ...


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