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Don Goldie: Brilliant!

Don Goldie: Brilliant!

Trumpeter Don Goldie played with power and a Dixieland feel. There also were shades of Harry James in his horn. He began recording in 1959 and spent much of his early career recording with trombonist Jack Teagarden. He also recorded with Buddy Rich, Ralph Burns, Gene Krupa and others before recording a string of songbook albums ...


Other Worlds Other Sounds

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In this frantic age of vinyl rediscovery, it still never ceases to amaze as to the kinds of projects that companies are willing to go for broke on for what has become a booming and buying audience. In many ways it is truly a win-win situation. There's so much great music out there and the idea ...

Don Goldie: Trumpet Caliente

Read "Don Goldie: Trumpet Caliente" reviewed by C. Andrew Hovan

Don Goldie
Trumpet Caliente

While the majority of classic jazz albums have obtained their status based on the innovative nature of the statements contained therein, the fact remains that there are a sizable number of albums that charm in a way that is quite different from the virtues ...