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Francesco Chiapperini's InSight: Paradigm Shift

Read "Paradigm Shift" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

La schitarrata iniziale è di quelle che agganciano e mettono di buon umore. Robusta, elettrica, dal riff ipnotico. Poi arriva il piano, dapprima leggero, spensierato, in seguito più misterioso fino all'ingresso del clarinetto basso, arcane sonorità che conducono il brano nei meandri di un viaggio tra luce ed oscurità. Dopo “France Mon Amour," questo il titolo ...


Michael Janisch: Paradigm Shift

Read "Paradigm Shift" reviewed by Roger Farbey

This impressive double album recorded live over two nights in 2011 at Pizza Express Jazz Club, London is Michael Janisch's follow-up to his 2010 debut album Purpose Built. The release has been some four years in gestation for the U.S. born, Berklee educated and now UK-based bassist and composer. Additional post-production electronics and effects were introduced ...


Paradigm Shift: Shifting Times

Read "Shifting Times" reviewed by Jason Crane

Unless you're from Rochester, NY, you've probably never heard of Paradigm Shift. With its first national release, Shifting Times , the organ-guitar-drums trio is ready to introduce the rest of the country to its upbeat brand of mainstream soul jazz.

Paradigm Shift's core is guitarist Melvin Henderson and organist Gerry Youngman. Both men have ...


Paradigm Shift: Shifting Times

Read "Shifting Times" reviewed by John Kelman

A paradigm shift implies a move into a new framework, and so the organ trio Paradigm Shift is probably misnamed, as there is nothing particularly evolutionary about what it does. Shifting Times is, however, a captivating session of mainly original compositions that owes a great deal to the Blue Note soul jazz of the late '60s. ...