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John Basile: Time Will Reveal

Read "Time Will Reveal" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

Set aside, for a moment, the classic venues like the Montreux Jazz Festival and to truly appreciate jazz you have to understand it's not a form of music that was ever intended to be heard in the great outdoors and in football stadiums. To truly groove on jazz it should be listened to indoors. Preferably, in ...


John Basile/John Abercrombie: Animations

Read "Animations" reviewed by Franz A. Matzner

When done properly, it’s astounding how much music a duet can generate. It is always especially notable when that duet consists of artists performing on the same instrument. In such a setting, the challenge of blending voices while simultaneously creating distinct, personal lines becomes that much more challenging. Guitarists John Basile and John Abercrombie recently recorded ...


John Basile: It Was a Very Good Year

Read "It Was a Very Good Year" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Neo-Ultra-Cool Jazz with a Warm Finish

Guitarist John Basile has been cruising the sideman circuit for the past twenty years, in addition to releasing a handful of respected projects as leader. It Was a Very Good Year finds Mr. Basile with a new label boasting the same sumptuous tone listeners to his earlier recordings have come ...