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Down to the Bone: Future Boogie

Read "Future Boogie" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

The problem with Down to the Bone's Future Boogie is this: what the band is doing in the present, they've done better in the past.

Two years ago, Down to the Bone (DTTB) celebrated their first decade of bringing the funk with a terrific studio album, Supercharged (Narada/2007), and a well-assembled compilation, The Best of ...


Supercharged: Down to the Bone

Read "Down to the Bone" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Contemporary jazz doesn't come much better than the seventh release from this UK-based ensemble led by founder and producer Stuart Wade, who plays no instruments but is very instrumental in Supercharged's bright, crisp contemporary sound.

As drummer Adam Riley, alternating bassists Richard Sadler and Julian Crampton, and guitarist Tony Remy man the rhythm section, ...


Down to the Bone: Supercharged

Read "Supercharged" reviewed by Jeff Winbush

The premise of Supercharged, the seventh album by Down to the Bone, is a simple one. It only asks the listener one question: “Do you wanna get down?

For those that answer with an affirmative “Good God, yes" this is your reward.

This is bobbing your head, wiggle your butt in your seat ...


Down to the Bone: Cellar Funk

Read "Cellar Funk" reviewed by Brian Soergel

In 1996, when Down to the Bone’s From Manhattan to Staten shook the doldrums off smooth jazz, this new sound was fresh, funky and just plain fun. It still is. DTTB, led by British producer Stuart Wade, is now a veteran of the groove-jazz genre, whose dance staples are hip enough to be packaged into many ...


Down To The Bone: Spread The Word

Read "Spread The Word" reviewed by Rob Evanoff

Ever have a rump quaking groove reach down to the bone and move you? Literally! Well, either you have or you haven’t but you would definitely know if you had. I tell you what...check out Down to the Bone’s third album for even just a paltry 30 seconds and you’ll soon be willing to spread the ...