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Michael Jefry Stevens: Brass Tactics

Read "Brass Tactics" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Anyone remotely interested “creative improvised music" (aka jazz) that intersects with the Classical aesthetic should take the time to listen closely to pianist Michael Jefry Stevens' latest release Brass Tactics.

Stevens is a thinking man's player mostly known for his work in the Fonda/Stevens group (see Folk Five) and Conference Call, (with Gebhard Ullmann) ...


Marie Kruttli Trio: Kartapousse

Read "Kartapousse" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Kartapousse is the debut album from the Marie Kruttli Trio. Leader and composer Marie Kruttli, born in French Switzerland in 1991, is joined by two more young Swiss musicians, bassist Lukas Traxel and drummer Martin Perret, on a collection of her original compositions. It's a promising start to the trio's career.

Apparently, Kartapousse is ...


Theo Jorgensmann: Bucksch

Read "Bucksch" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Revered German clarinetist Theo Jorgensmann has played an integral role in the European free jazz scene and is one of several artists who helped revitalize the instrument within avant-garde flanked jazz and improvisational vistas. Here, the artist predominately performs solo works on his G-low clarinet, yet unites with his trio culled from a live performance in ...


Anders Nilsson / Joe Fonda / Peter Nilsson: Powers

Read "Powers" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

This collective trio teams American bass master Joe Fonda, known for his collaborations with innovative musicians and composers such as saxophonist Anthony Braxton, trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and pianist Carla Bley, with Swedish brothers a generation younger than Fonda-- guitarist Anders Nilsson, based in New York since 2000, and drummer Peter Nilsson, based in Malmö, Sweden. ...


Remi Alvarez/Joe Fonda/Harvey Sorgen: Trio 3D

Read "Trio 3D" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

When drummer Harvey Sorgen met saxophonist Remi Álvarez at the International Musicians Meeting in Monterey, Mexico, he was “taken by his sound, feel and humanity." This is not surprising. Álvarez has cut a wide swath both on record and in live performances as an adventurer who is not afraid to take risks without losing focus. Sorgen, ...


Monome: Monome

Read "Monome" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Monome began life in 2006, but on this Italian trio's debut recording it's effectively a quartet, with German saxophonist Peter Ehwald playing on five of the seven tracks. Ehwald first played with Monome in 2010, and since when their collaborations have become increasingly frequent, to the point that his presence here is an essential ingredient in ...


Monome: Monome

Read "Monome" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

The Italian innovative jazz group Monome (not the be confused with Spanish rock band The Monomes) makes a reserved yet vigorous statement with its eponymous debut. The session comprises of seven, modal and atmospheric tracks that have strong, western classical influences.

The collaborative trio opens the disc with “Scales"; an almost theatrical piece ...


Monome: Monome

Read "Monome" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Monome, a piano-led trio from Pisa, shares its name with the Monome, a computer interface device popular with makers of electronic music. Whether this is deliberate or coincidental is unclear, but Monome the band makes acoustic music without the need for its electronic namesake. Its eponymous debut album, recorded in late 2011 and early 2012, features ...

Jon Hemmersam - Michael Jefry Stevens: Dear Jonas

Read "Dear Jonas" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

La collaborazione tra il pianista americano Michael Jefry Stevens e il chitarrista danese Jon Hemmersam risale almeno alla seconda metà degli anni '90, documentata da un'incisione in trio con la violoncellista Karen Valeur, e prosegue tuttora con vari progetti comprendenti anche un quintetto con Dave Liebman e Ken Filiano. In questo recente lavoro si trovano per la prima ...


In Transit: Shifting Moods

Read "Shifting Moods" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Nata dall'incontro tra il pianista statunitense Michael Jefry Stevens e tre musicisti svizzeri, questa formazione presenta il suo secondo lavoro, dopo il debutto di Moving Stills (Unit Records). Quel disco pubblicava con qualche anno di ritardo una session del 2004 e la stessa cosa accade oggi per questo Shifting Moods, registrato dal vivo il 26 ottobre 2007 al ...