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Ivan Farmakovsky: Raising the Bar

Read "Ivan Farmakovsky: Raising the Bar" reviewed by Cyril Moshkow

Crisis or no crisis, the 2008-2009 jazz concert season in Russia was far from being eventless. New fruitful collaborations were unveiled, new record labels were launched, old festivals have convincingly confirmed that they were well alive and kicking, and many good Russian jazz albums have hit the stores. Those albums revealed a new trend, that of ...


Open-Air Jazz In And Around Moscow

Read "Open-Air Jazz In And Around Moscow" reviewed by Cyril Moshkow

Moscow's summer is relatively brief: early June is normally the first really warm time during the year, and the final week of August normally the last; which means that most of the fifteen million people who live in and around the Russian capital try to take full advantage of those three short months. Those who can ...

A Quickie Guide to Jazz Festivals in Eastern Europe

Read "A Quickie Guide to Jazz Festivals in Eastern Europe" reviewed by Cyril Moshkow

The Jazz festival movement did not penetrate the Iron Curtain until the late 1950s, when some Communist regimes, trying to liberalize their public image, allowed many things that were not possible during Stalin's era: abstract art, modern dance, cinema with no propaganda message, and jazz music.

Jazz Jamboree , the first major jazz festival to establish ...