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New Release By Dave Knife Fabris with Ran Blake

New Release By Dave Knife Fabris with Ran Blake

Lettuce Prey (Great Winds/Musea 3169) is music that is supported equally by the three legs of Rock, Jazz and Classical. It has the guts and glory of rock heroes like Jimi Hendrix (whose tune, Angel, is featured as a guitar solo on this CD). It possesses the surprise and intrigue of Jazz improvisation (like Ornette Coleman's Sadness - presented ...


Dave Phillips & Freedance: Confluence

Read "Confluence" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Californiano che ha girato il mondo, proveniente da una famiglia per la quale il suono del basso era ed è rimasto un fondamentale segno distintivo (il padre si chiama Barre e credo davvero non abbia bisogno di nessuna presentazione), Dave Phillips è da molti critici rispettosamente presentato come un “bassista per tutte le occasioni," vale a ...

Jazz: A Blessed Obsession

Read "Jazz: A Blessed Obsession" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Jazz listeners travel some strange and beautiful paths. It might have all begun with collectors trying to find a legendary Edison cylinder that New Orleans trumpeter Buddy Bolden--some believe to be the very first jazz musician--may (or may not) have recorded in 1904. Fast forward to modern times, a quick scan of eBay and the exorbitant ...


Dave Phillips & Freedance: Freedance Live

Read "Freedance Live" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Registrato dal vivo nel luglio 2004 a Montpellier, durante un tour europeo per festeggiare i dodici anni di vita della formazione, Freedance Live testimonia una delle numerose facce musicali di Dave Phillips, leader del quartetto. Figlio di Barre Phillips, esponente storico del jazz d’avanguardia, David si muove con disinvoltura in varie contesti stilistici: dal trio di improvvisazione ...


Freedance: Freedance Live

Read "Freedance Live" reviewed by Paul Olson

This new set by bassist/composer Dave Phillips' Freedance band documents a 2004 performance at the annual Radio France Festival in Montpellier, France. The longstanding quartet of Phillips, alto player John O'Gallagher, guitarist Rez Abbasi and drummer Tony Moreno doesn't break any new ground here; no one's trying to invent any new forms.

With the kind ...


Dave Phillips: Prayer

Read "Prayer" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

The family business of jazz is a perilous one. Expectations come high when a child follows the parent's example. Will the offspring be as productive, or will comparisons undermine their prospects before they mature?

Bassist Dave Phillips is the son of improvisatory bass legend Barre Phillips. Such a pedigree is not always a boon. ...


Dave Phillips & Freedance: Prayer

Read "Prayer" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Bassist Dave Phillips leads his quartet through a loosely climactic venture throughout these nine works. The album title provides a speck of information about the band’s mode of execution. Phillips and company are in no great rush to get to the point, evidenced on pieces such as “Window” and “Prayer,” where the band pursues staggered swing ...