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Calling Ra, Mr. Sun Ra your rocket ship is ready

Read "Calling Ra, Mr. Sun Ra your rocket ship is ready" reviewed by Mark Corroto

How prophetic is it that we now live in the second century of Sun Ra's earthly existence? Born (maybe) in Alabama 1914, Herman Poole Blount became the pianist, arranger, band leader, poet, and can we say prophet(?) we know as Sun Ra. He was both a man of his times and a messenger from the space. ...


Sun Ra Arkestra: Live in Ulm 1992

Read "Live in Ulm 1992" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Questo concerto dell'Arkestra è stato registrato a Ulm nel 1992, durante l'ultima tournée della band con il suo leader, che -già malato-morirà poi nel maggio dell'anno successivo.

Come ben sa chi abbia avuto il piacere di seguire l'orchestra anche dopo la scomparsa di Sun Ra, l'energia non viene comunque mai a mancare, come ...


Charles Ellerbe & Matrix at the Unitarian Universalist in Media (PA) on December 21st

Charles Ellerbe & Matrix at the Unitarian Universalist in Media (PA) on December 21st

Appearing at Jazz in Media at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 145 W. Rose Tree Road in Media, PA, on December 21st, 2011 will be guitarist Charles Ellerbe and Matrix 12:38 featuring drummer Anthony Matthews, percussionist Tony Cosby, bassist Josh Machiz, and trumpeter Michael Ray. One Show: 7:30-9 p.m. $10/$5 students. No advance sales. For info: 610-745-3011 ...


Detroit Jazz Festival: Detroit, MI September 2-5, 2011

Read "Detroit Jazz Festival: Detroit, MI September 2-5, 2011" reviewed by Matt Marshall

32nd Annual Detroit Jazz Festival
Detroit, MI
September 2-5, 2011
In its 32nd year, the Detroit Jazz Festival decided to drop “International" from its name, only to turn around and proclaim “We Bring You the World." An interesting distinction, but the festival's scope was covered, nonetheless. The celebration brought to Detroit not only artists and ...


Jazz Singer Undaunted by House Fire

By Suzanne Cloud, Executive Director of Jazz Bridge When Jazz Bridge, a nonprofit public charity that aids Philly area jazz and blues musicians, got the call on January 3rd from Sun Ra trumpeter Michael Ray that a local singer and her two children, Ian and Asia, had totally been burned out of their rented house on New ...

Sun Ra Arkestra: Sunrise In Different Dimensions

Read "Sun Ra Arkestra: Sunrise In Different Dimensions" reviewed by Chris May

Sun Ra Arkestra

Sunrise In Different Dimensions


2010 (1980)

Sun Ra's discography is so vast, and its entry points so varied, that the late pianist and bandleader means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For most, Ra is probably best known for orchestral performances of ...


The Sun Ra Arkestra at Cafe Oto, London

Read "The Sun Ra Arkestra at Cafe Oto, London" reviewed by John Sharpe

Sun Ra Arkestra
Cafe Oto
London, England
14 April 2010

A fantastic atmosphere enveloped Dalston's Cafe Oto with whoops and shouts of affirmation greeting every inflection and chant as the Sun Ra Arkestra launched into “Interplanetary Music," with vocal interjections erupting from all corners of the bandstand. With their ...


Sun Ra Quartet in Italy, 1978

Read "Sun Ra Quartet in Italy, 1978" reviewed by Robert Dugan

The poet T.S. Eliot said “Mankind cannot take too much reality." Some people feel the same about keyboard player, bandleader and composer Sun Ra. Approaching Ra's output, both concert and studio recordings, can be daunting even for the initiated. Because the music was originally released in haphazard fashion, and has gone in and out of print ...


Vision Festival 2009: Day 2

Read "Vision Festival 2009: Day 2" reviewed by John Sharpe

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All-Star Collective / Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble / Sun Ra Arkestra
14th Annual Vision Festival
Abrons Arts Center
New York, New York
June 10, 2009

Chapter Index All-Star Collective Bill ...


Marshall Allen: A Universe of Achievement

Read "Marshall Allen: A Universe of Achievement" reviewed by AAJ Staff

By Marshall Allen

It feels good to be receiving this Lifetime Achievement Award at the Vision Festival this month. Whenever somebody achieves something worthy, it's great to be recognized for it. The musicians who have received this award in the past include people that I have performed with, know and respect. I have received ...