Vagif Mustafa Zadeh

Vagif Mustafa Zadeh

Musicians | Instrument: Piano

Mr. Mustafa Zadeh is an extraordinary pianist. It is impossible to identify his equal. He is the most lyrical pianist I have ever known.
—Willis Conover VOA Jazz Hour, Tallinn, 1967

Updated: June 20, 2021

Born: March 16, 1940 | Died: December 16, 1979

Vagif Mustafa Zadeh - composer & pianist, legendary founder of Mugam-Jazz, is among those rare musicians who could compose and perform in any manner. Vagif attracts listeners by his originality, superb technique and harmonies all his own. Besides writing a number of his own jazz compositions and arrangements, Mustafa Zadeh composed Concert for Piano and Symphony Orchestra being a great success.

At the International Jazz Compositions Competition in Monaco 1978 Vagif Mustafa Zadeh won the 1 Prize for the piece "Waiting For Aziza."

Vagif Mustafa Zadeh was the art director of jazz-trio "Kaukas", "Leyli", "Sevil", "Mugam" jazz ensemble. He died o stage, just after he'd played his favorite piece, the Gerschwin tune "The Man I Love". "Vagif Mustafa Zadeh was a great Genie, but I think he was born before his time. Vagif's music is from another planet... It's the Music from the Future." Dizzy Gillespie, Washington, 1988.

"Vagif's music wonderfully modern... It's like a tale narrated by Sheherezadeh on the 1002 Night... " Jan Johansson, Tallinn 1967.

"Vagif Mustafa Zadeh is one of the finest pianists in the world. " David Becker, President of IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators).


1 Prize for the piece "Waiting For Aziza", Monaco 1978, International Compositions Competition.




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