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Sothiac with Paul Jolly

Paul Jolly is saxophonist / clarinettist, who after meeting the pianist and composer Mel Davis in 1964, began to explore jazz and improvised music. In 1969 he joined the People Band an improvising group formed by Davis and the percussionist Terry Day. The Band currently continues to work both in the UK and internationally. He has performed and recorded in a wide variety of creative music projects - including two years as Musical Director for the Intriplicate Mime Company, major European tours with the People Band, Big Chico, Mummy and Loverly – featuring the singer Maggie Nicols. He has worked with rock groups, including the cult 70’s band Sweet Slag, and appeared in, and composed for, the award-winning Mike Figgis film "Stormy Monday". In addition to his work in the improvised music field, he has on-going work with the Monk influenced ‘Straight No Chaser’, his own quartet ‘PJQ’ the ‘House of Five’ and the dance group House of Absolute. His most recent collaboration is with the iconic experimental group Sothiac.

Sothiac were formed in Berlin during the Summer of 2015, leaving behind a twenty years spanning history of underground events arranged at the Moonshine Pub in Milan. Pat Moonchy and Lucio Liguori record the first album "Sothis" at replaced studios established in the STASI's still perfectly preserved ex-offices." Mastering by Kramer and gains personal praise from John Zorn they embark in an assiduous live activity, bringing forth to the recordings of the second album "Erebia Christi" at Hamburg's Clouds Hill Recording studios in Summer 2016. Immediately after they start a Japan tour performing 16 gigs in 21 days. 2017 opens with the European tour. In June they are on route through the whole China, exhibiting in places where no European band has ever set foot, like Harbin in Manchuria. The tour ends at Hong Kong Nest Festival after some 5000 kms traveled by train. After this experience the duo takes base in London playing at agora venue Mirth Marvel and Maud and at the iconic Vortex Jazz Club for the Mopomoso session where met the producer Paul Jolly on sax and bass clarinet and starting a new brilliant collaboration releasing Superluna EP with visual the visual “Superluna” directed by the visionary Lino Budano which was selected for the Biennale Venice ‘21 from the Biennale Austria and beamed at the Spazio San Vidal in Venice. In December '21 published Tiamat Ep followed by visual of Michele Bernardi "Psyche" and Tiamat by Lino Budano.

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Sothiac feat. Paul Jolly ' Superluna' by Sammy Stein https://www.sammystein.org/suerluna

Pat Moonchy is a vocalist who has performed across the globe as a solo artist and with various collaborators including Tod Tobias, Alfa Neu and more. She ran the alternative community hub, The Moonshine Pub until 2015 and her interest in art is integral to her persona and music. She has studied shamanism and her discovery of the tanpura - a long necked Indian stringed instrument - was integral to the development of her vocal technique. Past bands include Doublegänger with Lucio Liguori, ( grandson of free drummer Lino Liguori), Gopala and collaborations with many experimental musicians as well as solo projects. Lucky Liguori is a multi instrumentalist and electronic sound creator. Together Moonchy and Liguori are Sothiac. The duo have played with many different musicians in many different settings. Based in London they have toured China, Europe and Japan. Their most recent albums are Sothis (2016) and Erebia Christi (2017) which blend elements of free jazz, landscape, industrial_noise and psychedelic/doom. Over the last twenty years they have played with Faust, Sawada, Angelo Avogadri, Lino Liguori, Angelo Contini, Dirk Dhonau, Lars Nicolaysen. A meeting of the duo with bass clarinet player Paul Jolly led to a new collaboration and project, with Paul featuring on this recording. Just two tracks - one of over 20 minutes and the other just over 8 minutes the interactions between the vocals, electronics and bass clarinet is different, extraordinary and there are moments of exquisite amalgamations where the sounds meet in a place outside normal range but where the imagination knows no bounds. The recording was made during a period when all the musicians were in lock down, which makes it all the more extraordinary. It is hoped the collaboration continues once everything goes back to some kind of normality. Phase 1 is 20 minutes plus of extraordinary sounds. A cymbal opens the number and sets the atmospheric theme with bass clarinet entry high, reedy and then dipping right down to a growling presence, over which the eerie wail of the vocals rises and soars over the top; not so much of an emergence, more of a falling on to the solidity of the echoic backdrop of the electronics and bass clarinet. The vocals are exemplary and Pat Moonchy seems to have an ability to hit the notes the brain is missing when seeking coherency in this music. In some cases her extended vibrato is almost impossible to believe.

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