Melissa Kassel

Melissa Kassel

Instrument: Voice / vocals | Location: Boston

Updated: October 3, 2021

Melissa Kassel is renown for her bold and expressive vocal style that has been praised by both music critics and jazz enthusiasts throughout the world. She is an evocative performer whose sensitivity to the nuances of words and phrasing, unique use of microtones, and raw passion, enable her to transcend to the “cutting edge” of jazz vocalization

She is a challenging, risk-taking jazz vocalist whose interpretations of standards have inspired comparisons to Betty Carter and Sheila Jordan; at times, she also brings to mind the underrated Jeanne Lee. Kassel, however, never sounds like she is emulating any of her influences; the singer is fairly original and has a recognizable style of post-bop. While Kassel brings sensitivity and vulnerability to her performances, she isn't the sort of singer who is willing to do anything-and-everything to be accessible. Kassel can be abstract and cerebral, and like Carter, Jordan, and Lee, she is someone who needs to be accepted on her own terms. Kassel's first album came out in 2000, when the standards- oriented Live at the Acton Jazz Café was released on the small, New York-based Muse Eek label.

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“As a contributing editor to DOWNBEAT and JAZZIZ among other publications, I’ve heard countless debut albums from women singers that are safe, pleasant, and, well, forgettable. Melissa Kassel, glad to say, dares to be different and real imagination and passion to her close study of tone, intonation, and phrasing on “Live at the Acton Jazz Café.” .. —FRANK-JOHN- HADLEY

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  Sun, Nov 7
Cambridge, MA
Melssa Kassel & Tom Zicarelli Group
Sun, Nov 7. 6:30 pm