Mark Wade

Mark Wade

Instrument: Bass | Location: New York City

Songs From Isolation isn't under any form of lockdown. Wade's solo work is out there in the wider world now, lending more strength to his reputation as a first-class bassist.
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Updated: March 7, 2022

Born: December 29, 1974

Modern jazz composer and bassist Mark Wade is open to appreciating and co-creating great music in all its forms. Like Keith Jarrett, Wynton Marsalis and Esperanza Spaulding, he’s not limited by genre. His fourth album shows the breadth of his musicality and inventive compositional style. The original tracks found on his 2022 album True Stories were inspired by a wide range of influences, drawing on themes from composers such as Miles Davis, Charles Mingus and Igor Stravinsky. The result is a unique expression of jazz linking past to present.

Wade’s critical successes have led to him being named one of the top bassists of the year for five of the last six years in the Downbeat Magazine Reader’s Poll. He gained international recognition for his trio with the 2015 recording Event Horizon on Edition 46 Records and the 2018 follow up Moving Day on AMP Music & Records. In 2020 he launched a unique solo project - a visual album. Debuted online from the Centre for Jazz and Popular Music in Durban, South Africa, Songs from Isolation was released worldwide on AMP Music & Records. It features acoustic and electric bass and the plethora of sounds those instruments can create. The tunes are accompanied by music videos created by the bassist. (His camera and editing skills had blossomed during New York City’s COVID-19 lockdown.) That sonic and technological exploration was a fascinating prelude to his next project. True Stories is a modern jazz compendium inspired by a lifetime of listening – a leap forward fueled by looking back.

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”One of the key bass players of the times.” - Sammy Stein, Jazz in Europe

“One is immediately struck by his magnificent – even magisterial – tonal color, and his articulation is informed by a dark elegance that is easy to be seduced by...All in all this is an album where an almost heroic world of bass styling is evoked while also sculpting the trio sound with enormous skill and telling effect.' - Jazz Da Gama

“All three musicians on Moving Day form a trio of unusual strength and extraordinary power, possessing their own musical dialect. In every piece we see the uncanny bond of coherence and an almost telepathic understanding between the artists...a formation with a potential comparable only with the most perfect ensembles in jazz history...a perfect album!” - LongPlay

'In the world of stars, It's difficult to be in the shadow of Charlie Haden, Dave Holland, Mirouslav Vitous, Eberhard Weber, etc

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