Lucia Fodde

Lucia Fodde

Instrument: Voice / vocals | Location: Berlin

A memorable voice worthy of the most quoted and fascinating female vocalists.  Lucia Fodde offers music of great quality, lyrics (also) in polished Italian and of great poetry... a refined jazz, everything that Italian music needs today.


Updated: August 14, 2022

Born: December 4

Lucia Fodde vocalist, songwriter, and producer was born in Sardinia. Her passion for music began as a child with piano lessons and singing in the church choir. She was greatly influenced by her father's vast collection of vinyl records that introduced her to jazz. She later studied “vocal jazz performance” at the the prestigious Conservatory of Music in Cagliari.

Since 2013 Lucia has lived in Berlin where she has performed in many of the top venues as well as throughout Germany as well as internationally. Lucia is among the Italian jazz artists who mix contemporary and traditional jazz rhythms with innovative melody and harmony. She is well known for her rhythmic feeling, her melodic sensibility and her scat singing.

In 2012, she released her first album Just One Of Those Things, a Tribute to Cole Porter with the Lov’n Jazz Quartet.

Her album Freedom, an official release of the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018 was recorded with Davide Incorvaia (piano and synth), Jesus Vega (drums), Giuseppe Bottiglieri (bass) and Regis Molina (sax). “Freedom,” an emotional journey for Lucia, mixes jazz standards, ballads and electronica all interwoven with her vocal virtuosity. 2020 saw the release of two new singles: “Colors", her first production in collaboration with Loomis Connell Green (guitar, arrangements) and Carmelo Leotta (bass) and “Inútil Paisagem", with Davide Incorvaia (piano synth).

On June 24, 2022, the single 'Dentro questo vento' anticipates the release of the album Traces of You released on July 15, 2022. Mixing traditional, contemporary and Brazilian jazz forms with Italian, English and Portuguese lyrics all done with an easy virtuosity, Lucia Fodde achieves a unique and emotionally rewarding musical experience.


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About 'Traces of you' - Album released 15.07.2022

"The album succeeds in the difficult task of speaking to the listener's heart despite the complexity of the product. This is certainly the intent of Lucia, who offers a richly nuanced Jazz, where the very difficult vocals bend to a clearly expressive intent. The tracks with the greatest impact are precisely those where voice and piano form a single instrument. With Traces of you, the author contributes to the history of jazz with an excellent work, highly personal and original." (lu Magazine)

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Voice / vocals



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  Fri, Sep 30
10715 Berlin, Germany
Lucia Fodde Quartet
Badenscher Hof
Fri, Sep 30. 8:00 pm
  Sat, Oct 1
Berlin, Germany
Lucia Fodde Quartet - 'traces Of...
Sat, Oct 1. 9:00 pm
Lucia Fodde Quartet
Badenscher Hof
10715 Berlin, Germany