Lucia Fodde

Lucia Fodde

Musicians | Instrument: Vocals | Location: Berlin

A memorable voice worthy of the most quoted and fascinating female vocalists.  Lucia Fodde offers music of great quality, lyrics (also) in polished Italian and of great poetry... a refined jazz, everything that Italian music needs today.


Updated: May 4, 2024

Born: December 4

Lucia Fodde was born in Sardinia, and from a young age, she had an unrestrained passion for music, taking piano lessons and participating in the church choir, showcasing her extraordinary ability to handle time and melody. She was significantly influenced by her jazz-loving father's vinyl record collection.
After a stint as a vocalist in the pop scene, Lucia wholeheartedly embraced jazz. As a leader, she embarked on projects in jazz trios and quartets, collaborating with various Italian and international artists. Lucia pursued a Jazz course at the prestigious Conservatorio di Musica in Cagliari, earning a diploma in "Vocal Jazz."

Over the years, Lucia has participated in masterclasses with luminaries such as Sheila Jordan and Rachel Gould, to name a few.

After a careful exploration of her musical journey, Lucia Fodde decided to move to Berlin in 2013, driven by a personal and artistic need for new stimuli. This relocation aimed to optimize her skills as a singer-songwriter and vocalist. In Berlin, she promptly became part of the local jazz scene, performing not only in the best jazz clubs in Berlin but also throughout Germany and internationally.

So far, Lucia has graced numerous prominent venues and festivals globally, including the SummerJazz Festival 2023 in Pinneberg, where she emerged victorious with her ensemble comprising Yuriy Seredin on piano, Giacomo Tagliavia on bass, and Jesus Vega on drums.

In 2012, Lucia Fodde released her debut album, "Just One Of Those Things," paying tribute to Cole Porter with the Lov'n Jazz Quartet of Cagliari (Paolo Carrus on piano, Massimo Tore on bass, Roberto Migoni on drums). The album developed a style that brought traditional arrangements into a modern jazz context, curated by Maestro Carrus.

After her move to Berlin, in 2018, Lucia presented the album "Freedom" at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Recorded at Greve Studio in Berlin, the album featured Davide Incorvaia (piano/synth), Giuseppe Bottiglieri (bass), Jesus Vega (drums), and Regis Molina (sax). "Freedom" is an exciting journey through Lucia's original compositions and some jazz standards, seamlessly weaving together swing, smooth jazz, ballads, and electronic elements with the virtuosity that characterizes Fodde's style.

In 2020, she released two new singles: "Colors," her first collaboration with Loomis Connell Green (guitar, arrangements) and Carmelo Leotta (bass), and "Inútil Paisagem," featuring Davide Incorvaia (piano synth). The latter revisited Jobim's beautiful piece, paying homage to Brazilian popular tradition in an electronic interpretation.

In June 2022, Lucia released the single "Dentro Questo Vento," a preview of the album "Traces of You," released in July 2022. The album was recorded at UFO Sound Studios in Berlin, featuring Davide Incorvaia (piano), Carmelo Leotta (bass, who also curated most of the arrangements), and Jesus Vega (drums).

Scheduled for release in 2024 is the new album "Harlem Beats," featuring an electric ensemble with Davide Incorvaia on piano/synth, Francesco Beccaro on bass, and Australians Aidan Lowe on drums and Greg Ambroisine on trumpet, completing the quintet. 'Harlem Beats' is proudly published by Timezone Records.

Lucia has been honored by the international magazine "All About Jazz" with the following accolades: On September 11, the song "Atras da porta" was chosen as "Song Of The Day"; on October 10, the song "Dentro questo vento" was selected as "Song Of The Day"; additionally, "Dentro questo vento" is among the top ten songs of October 2022, while "Atras da porta" is among the top 10 most listened to songs of 2022.

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All About Jazz Top 10 Songs: January 2024

All About Jazz Top 10 Songs: January 2024

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All About Jazz features a free song every day spanning all genres of jazz, and of the songs featured in January, these ten represent our reader's favorites as indicated by total listens. Musicians and record labels can submit full length MP3s for consideration here. Enjoy! Top Songs Mood Indigo Lucia Fodde From: Mood Indigo- Single (from upcoming Album 'Harlem Beats') 05:15 Ambulator

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About Harlem Beats (2024):

"There is by now a long, long history of reinterpretation of the standard repertoire, including grafting it onto other styles and rhythms, but it’s unlikely anyone has heard Ellington and Ellington-related charts treated quite as Berlin-based singer Lucia Fodde does on this striking album."


About Traces of you (2022)

"Fodde has become a skilled songwriter. In her third album, she blends five catchy originals with the classic 'No One Knows Me But You,' which stands out. - She revitalizes 'That Old Feeling' more expressively than Chet Baker."

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A Flower is a Lovesome Thing

From: Harlem Beats
By Lucia Fodde

Mood Indigo

From: Mood Indigo - Single (from...
By Lucia Fodde

Dentro Questo Vento

From: Traces Of You
By Lucia Fodde

Atrás da porta

From: Traces Of You
By Lucia Fodde