Liga Latina

Liga Latina

Musicians | Instrument: Band / orchestra | Location: Copenhagen

With a great deal of respect for the great masters of Latin folk music, Liga Latina celebrates life on this tiny masterpiece. ★★★★★


Updated: January 21, 2023

Active since: 2015

Cuban, Latin and Caribbean Folk and Jazz is one long love story between the Spanish guitar and the African drum. From Guaguancó - practically the mother of all Cuban music—to styles such as Danzón, Bossa Nova, Cumbia and especially Són which with the influence of American Jazz in the 1920s led to the modern Bolero and later exposed throughout the world by legendary Buena Vista Social Club.

Liga Latina is a unique gathering of driven Scandinavian musicians for whom it is a passion to convey the legacy of styles that originate hereof, at a high artistic and international level. Their acclaimed compositions as well as interpretations of the Latin song book, form an energetic sphere where creativity and respect for the masters go hand in hand. It has made them a permanent component of many Jazz and World music festivals with guest musicians from all over the world.

As the foundation, it is the internationally acclaimed composer and songwriter Mike Hecchi (The Sexican) on vocals, Cuban trés and Spanish guitar. Michell Boysen (Otro Mundo) who has spent a year of his conservatory time in Brazil specializing in double bass and Bo 'BoJo' Johansen (Little Havana) on percussion, who in addition to a long musical work has written books on Cuban rhythm. Theo Hjorth on piano has been taught by César ’Pupy’ Pedroso himself of the legendary Los Van Van in Cuba, and finally it is Rune Krogshede (Latin Dance Band) on trumpet. Heard as guests on the record are L.A.-based Danish jazz guitarist, Alex Olesen, Lasse Høj Jakobsen on violin and American-Cuban jazz vocalist Cassia De Mayo. The latter contributes, among other things. on the single 'Cariño Corazon' which came out last fall and got airplay in Cuban state radio.


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'Liga Latina plays with a passion worthy of all Cuban music' ★★★★★

’First hand impression was a stormy crush. It gave me the same thrill as when I heard Buena Vista Social Club back in 1997’ ★★★★★

’The album is extremely well crafted – the music is as festive and sparkling like a New Year’s champagne’ //

’With a great deal of respect for the great masters of Latin folk music, Liga Latina celebrates life on this tiny masterpiece’ ★★★★★ Almonde

’This is a European super group’ —A World in London, BBC Radio






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