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Giorgio Occhipinti

Pianist and composer, was born in Ragusa in June 1969. Since he was a little child he devoted himself to the study of the piano and he played the drum and the transverse flute in a band. He also played togheter with his father (a trumpet player). In October 1989 he took part in the Festival Jazz of Paris within the “International competition for Piano jazz” dedicated to Martial Solal. He worked togheter with the actress Lidya Alfonsi, and he composed the sound basis of some of her recitals. He took part in one of the historical sicilian jazz groups: the December Thirty Jazz Trio, founded in 1989 togheter with the double bass player Giuseppe Guarrella and the drummer Francesco Branciamore. Since Juanary 1992 he has been a member of one of the most important italian groups: the Pino Minafra Sud Ensemble, many times voted in referendum from the Italian and international critics in the first places of the classifications like the best group and recording on Cd (Top Jazz “Musica Jazz”Magazine and in France the CD “Sudori” in the 1996 best CD of the year). In 1993 is a inventor togheter with Giuseppe Guarrella of the Festival Ibleo del Jazz “...a kind of general states a of the music jazz of vanguard seen from the South”. Today he is the art director of this festival. In the same year he founded the Giorgio Occhipinti Hereo Nonetto /Nonet (also octet, orchestra, ensemble). In 1994 he took part in one special group togheter with saxophonist Eugenio Colombo and Giuseppe Guarrella: the Triple project. In the 1995 he found with Joelle Leandre the EUROPEAN DUO. In the May 1998 he found with Olivia Bignardi the DUETSEQUENCES. In the March 2000 he took part of a new important group “BANLIEUES BLEUES QUARTET” created from a great festival of Paris (Banlieues Bleues) with Pino Minafra, Sandro Satta and Vincenzo Mazzone. In 1995 he has been voted by Italian critics in the referendum “Top Jazz” organised by Musica Jazz magazine as the second New and Best Talent of the year. In March 2000 he founded the GIORGIO OCCHIPINTI HEREO TENTETTO. The CD “Global Music & Circular Thought” (Giorgio Occhipinti Hereo Nonetto plus Cellos Sequences - Jazz Hale Tonesetters) for the UK's Magazine “JAZZ REWIEWS” is the best CD of the 2001. He wrote music for orchestra and quintet of strings “I Muri a secco” edited by an important Swiss publishing house (T.G.E. edizioni musicali) after the same composition was duly pointed out in an important competition dedicated to E.Bloch. In the 1999 the ENCICLOPEDIA OF ITALIAN COMPOSERS inserts his name together to biggest names of the contemporary music. In September 1999 He found with Miriam Palma, Maurizio Maiorana, Domenico Sciajno and Giuseppe Guarrella the FAUST GROUP. From June 2001 he has been a member of the “Concerto Dantesco” with the actors Galatea Ranzi and Marco Andriolo. He wrote also sequences for cellos duo and for strings quartet (1999/2000) and he wrote also music for strings sextet plus alto sax commissioned from the Noci Europa Jazz Festival: “DODICI MOTTETTI”. He record also a double CD of this compositions with a GIORGIO OCCHIPINTI DODICI MOTTETTI. In October 2001 he found in Wien (with the collaboration of the label BEETWEN THE LINES and the festival MUSIC ON MUSIC of Wiener Musik Galerie) the group GIORGIO OCCHIPINTI GLOBAL MUSIC NONETTO and write the suite REVOLUTION (five compositions for strings quintet, two clarinets, piano, drums & kettledrums: 3 dances, 1 cantata, 1 sequence). In the June 2002 he found LESS OF FIVE with Olivia Bignardi, Giuseppe Guarrella, Antonio Moncada.

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