Alfredo Dias Gomes

Alfredo Dias Gomes

Musicians | Instrument: Drums | Location: Rio de Janeiro

Updated: March 28, 2024

Born: May 20, 1960

Alfredo Dias Gomes debuted as a drummer in Hermeto Pascoal's band. With the instrumentalist, he recorded the album "Cérebro magnético" and performed in important shows such as the II Jazz Festival of São Paulo/Montreux and the Rio Monterey Festival.

He was part of the first formation of the group Heroes of the Resistance, with which he recorded the albums "Heroes of the Resistance" and "Religio", recording in Los Angeles in the United States.

He was also part of Ivan Lins' band. He toured Brazil, Japan, the United States, England, France, Germany, Portugal and Italy, performing alongside saxophonist and keyboardist Larry Williams and singer Brenda Russell. With Ivan he recorded the albums "Amar assim" and "Ivan Lins 20 anos".

Throughout his career, he has worked with several artists such as Marcio Montarroyos, Ricardo Silveira, Victor Biglionne, Torquato Mariano, Arthur Maia, Nico Assumpção, Guilherme Dias Gomes, among others.

Alfredo has thirteen albums and three singles released in his discography.

In 1991, he released the CD "Alfredo Dias Gomes", with the participation of Ivan Lins, Marcio Montarroyos, Ricardo Silveira, Leo Gandelman, Nico Assumpção, among others.

In 1996, he recorded the CD "Atmosfera", with the participation of Frank Gamball and Dominic Miller (Sting), as well as musicians such as Marcio Montarroyos, Nico Assumpção, Arthur Maia, Torquato Mariano and Guilherme Dias Gomes, among others.

Since 2015, Alfredo has been recording an average of one album per year. His last albums released were "Jazz Standards", "Metrópole" and the single "A lenda".

Alfredo is currently releasing his new album "Tribute to Elvin Jones".


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Alfredo Dias Gomes pays an exquisite homage to the greats that inspired him throughout his career in his album Looking Back, a labor of love to Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Billy Cobham, and more. His powerful drum beats match every saxophone note and guitar riff. Gomes also bravely adds his signature drum exhibitions to his heroes' works, making them more alive and pulsating. “Red Baron" is like a melting pot of electrifying riffs, sizzling saxophone, and ferocious drum ...

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Alfredo Dias Gomes Releases 'Tributo A Elvin Jones,' In Honor Of The Legendary Jazz Drummer

Alfredo Dias Gomes Releases 'Tributo A Elvin Jones,' In Honor Of The Legendary Jazz Drummer

Source: Alfredo Dias Gomes

Accompanied by a respected team of musicians (Jessé Sadoc, trumpet and flugelhorn; David Feldman, piano; Jefferson Lescowich, acoustic bass), Rio de Janeiro drummer Alfredo Dias Gomes released Tributo a Elvin Jones. Recorded in his home studio with sound engineer Thiago Kropf, the album arrived on digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon and YouTube Music) on March 1st. “The fascination with Elvin Jones’ style is longstanding,” says Gomes. “The first time I saw him play was on a VHS video ...



Alfredo Dias Gomes Releases His First Album Entirely Dedicated To Jazz

Alfredo Dias Gomes Releases His First Album Entirely Dedicated To Jazz

Source: Alfredo Dias Gomes

The restless drummer Alfredo Dias Gomes is back, with a new solo album, his 12th, now diving in an old passion: jazz, especially the world-famous classics. Alongside great musicians (Jessé Sadoc, trumpet / Widor Santiago, tenor sax / Jefferson Lescowich, bass / Lulu Martin, keyboard), Alfredo Dias Gomes is releasing Jazz Standards, his first album exclusively dedicated to jazz. Recorded in his own studio, the release is now available, as a physical CD and download on CD Baby, and on ...



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Looking Back

From: Looking Back
By Alfredo Dias Gomes