Kirk Knuffke, Rick Countryman & Lakecia Benjamin

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Saxophonist Ohad Talmor's new release, Long Forms, with his Newsreel sextet has just been released by Intakt Records and it's a must-listen; strong playing by some of the best musicians around, complicated but highly interesting tunes and arrangements, and a fully realized project. Another saxophonist, Rick Countryman, plies his trade in Manila in The Philippines now and his doing his best to bring the avant-garde and free jazz to that area of the world. Frequently working with Japanese powerhouse drummer, Sabu Toyozumi, Countryman is a strong and heavy presence. Still with saxophonists, Lakecia Benjamin decided to create a tribute to not only John Coltrane's music, but also to that of Alice Coltrane. Pursuance: The Coltranes is definitely worth checking out. Other new releases on this packed episode include the Kirk Knuffke Trio, Joel Harrison+18, Emie R Roussel, Oded Tzur, the Portuguese trio of Sérgio Tavares, Nuno Trocado & Tom Ward, and albums from the Driff and Shoebill Music labels.


  • Kirk Knuffke Trio "The Mob, The Crowd, The Mass" from Brightness -Live In Amsterdam (Royal Potato Family) 00:00
  • Host speaks 07:34
  • Kirk Knuffke Trio "That's A Shame" from Brightness -Live In Amsterdam (Royal Potato Family) 08:37
  • Oded Tzur "The Dream" from Here Be Dragons (ECM ) 14:09
  • Lisa Mezzacappa Six "The Soft Moon" from Cosmicomics (Queen Bee) 19:26
  • Host speaks 25:48
  • Joel Harrison+18 "March On Washington" from America At War (Sunnyside) 28:28
  • FIDOqrtet "World Without End" from FIDOqrtet (Enna) 38:17
  • Emie R RousselTrio "Agent Orange" from Rhythm de Passage (Self-released) 43:10
  • Host speaks 47:35
  • Ellery Eskelin "Improvisation/Monk" from Trio New York II (Self-released) 49:19
  • Cutout "Cutout" from Cutout (Driff) 58:28
  • Host speaks 1:09:10
  • Pandelis Karayorgis & Double Trio "Formed Shed" from Cliffpools (Driff) 1:10:43
  • Fredrik Lundin "Borderland" from 5 Go Adventuring Again (Stunt) 1:18:35
  • Host speaks 1:26:19
  • Rick Countryman & Sabu Toyozumi "Blue Incarnation 1st Movement" from Blue Incarnation (Self-released) 1:27:40
  • Rick Countryman & Sabu Toyozumi "Blue Incarnation 2nd Movement" from Blue Incarnation (Self-released) 1:30:02
  • Antti Lotjonen "Oblique" from Quintet East (We Jazz 1:39:01
  • Host speaks 1:45:31
  • Sergio Tavares, Nuno Trocado & Tom Ward "Stories Old And New" from Vestiges (Self-released) 1:47:17
  • Francesco Cusa & The Assassins "Rheumatology" from The Uncle (Gianno Bifronte) (Improvisattore Involuntario) 1:58:29
  • Host speaks 2:02:46
  • Damir Bacikin - Damir Out Loud "Destination Deportation" from Earworm (Shoebill Music) 2:03:53
  • Johannes Haage & Drift "Love In The Crazy" from Darwin's Blues (Shoebill Music) 2:10:23
  • Ronny Graupe's Spoom "Bridge Ices Before Road" from Bridge Ices Before Road (Shoebill Music) 2:16:35
  • Host speaks 2:21:38
  • Ohad Talmor's Newsreel Sextet "Laya's Lines" from Long Forms (Intakt) 2:24:02
  • Jeff Davis "Two Ones" from The Fastness (Fresh Sound New Talent) 2:32:14
  • Cale Brandley & Triptych Myth "Sunset Park After The Sun Sets" from Finding Fire (Birdwatcher) 2:36:10
  • Host speaks 2:44:22
  • Lakecia Benjamin "Alabama" from Pursuance: The Coltranes (Ropeadope) 2:47:15
  • Lakecia Benjamin "Turiya and Ramakrishna" from Pursuance: The Coltranes (Ropeadope) 2:50:06


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