Avant-Retro or Retro-Avant? Part I

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Rigid categories are not what music should be about. This week we focus on music that some may file under "retro" but is performed by musicians that are often labelled "avant," it may not sound exactly how Count Basie and the Kansas City 7 or Fess Williams and the Royal Flush Orchestra would have played, but hey... it's 2020 and it debunks the notion that musicians that may like it skronky don't know how to swing. Case in point: Steven Bernstein whose playing and arranging is the common thread through this week's show.

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  • Ben Allison "Mondo Jazz Theme (feat. Ted Nash & Pyeng Threadgill)" 0:00
  • Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra "Dickie's Dream" We Are MTO (MOWO) 0:16
  • Host talks 6:15
  • Brian Carpenter’s Ghost Train Orchestra "Hot Town" Hot Town (Accurate) 8:48
  • Lounge Lizards "Bob and Nico" No Pain for Cakes (Island) 11:41
  • Roy Nathanson "Jazz Night at Keaton's" Fire at Keaton's Bar & Grill (Six Degrees) 14:46
  • Host talks 22:52
  • Alban Darche l'OrphiCube "Jungle" The Atomic Flonflons (Yolk) 24:58
  • Octurn "Chromatic History -Part 3: Duke Ellington" Chromatic History (DeWerf) 28:51
  • Django Bates "Ralf's Trip" Autumn Fires (And Green Shoots) (JMT) 36:13
  • Baikida Carroll "Cab" Marionettes on a High Wire (OmniTone) 39:44
  • Host talks 42:05
  • Trio Grande & Matthew Bourne "Mon petit panaris" Signé (DeWerf) 44:16
  • Houdini's Cage "Raps" Memories of a Barber (El Gallo Rojo) 49:30
  • Max Nagl "Squeeze Me" Big Four (hatOLOGY) 53:39
  • Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra "Soul Serenade" MTO Volume 1 (Sunnyside) 57:39
  • Host talks 1:00:52
  • Kansas City Band "Prince of Wails" KC After Dark -More Music from Robert Altman's Kansas City (Verve) 1:03:11
Photo credit: Roberto Cifarelli.


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