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Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom And Brilliance / Chasing The Bird?

Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom And Brilliance / Chasing The Bird? by Sonny Simmons
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Sonny Simmons

Label: Improvised Beings
Released: 2014
Views: 3,721

Track Listing

Leaving Knowledge, Wisdom And Brilliance: CD 1: Three Is A Powerful Figure;You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 1; CD 2: You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 1; Four Is Equal To The Fingers Of Your Hand; The Fatherlands (Niger); CD 3: You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 2; You Are Not Higher Than Angels Part 3; Five Is The Thumb; CD 4: The Inner Outer Chord (Way Down In The Past); The Outer Inner Chord; What Do We Know? - Who Are We - As Humans; Chasing the Bird? CD 5: Instrumental Martial Arts Of Tomorrow: Himeru Dojo; Chudan Tsuki; Seika Tanden; Ura; Aiki Kokyu; I Put It In A Dark Area Where I Can Remember No More: Black Waves In A Delta Blues Home; Another Story Calling Tonight; Giant Could Approach Stars; Magnus Fact In Act; Shadows Colored Music; Feel The Outside World; Solisax; Forward Thinking Thoughts (Luxbxl Dream); Keep Going Olone: CD 6: The Breath Of Life: The Breath Of Life 1; The Breath Of Life 2; The Breath Of Life 3; The Breath Of Life 4; CD 7: Old Lonesome Roads: We Can Turn Invisible; I Can't Go No Farther Than That; Going Through The Storms; CD 8: Worlds Of Worlds Of Worlds Of: To Change The Harmonic Structure Of The World; Dead Years Ago, Million Years Ahead.


Sonny Simmons
saxophone, alto

Additional Personnel / Information

Sonny Simmons: alto saxophone (CD 2,4,5,6,7,8), voice (CD 2,3,5,6,7), English horn (CD 1,2,3,4,5,8); Bruno Grégoire: percussion (CD 1,2), voice (CD 2,3) ; Michel Kristof: sitar (CD 2,5), electric guitar (CD 5,6,7), electrified ersaj (CD 1, 5), Electrified sintir (CD 1); percussion (CD 2); Julien Palomo: organ (CD 4,7), piano (CD 1), synthesizer (CD 1,6,8), harmonium (CD 2), strings (CD 4), percussion, voice; Anton Mobin: prepared chambers (CD 5); AKA_Bondage: prepared electric guitar (CD 5); Nobodisoundz, Js: electronics (CD 5).



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