Bohemian by Cathy Segal-Garcia
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Cathy Segal-Garcia

Label: Dash Hoffman Records
Released: 2012
Views: 2,035

Track Listing

Bohemian; Her Family; Everyday's Own Song; Jump Back; One Minute; Embraceable Jew; All the Right Reasons; Like a River; A Timeless Place; Fragile; Touch Her Soft Lips/The Nightingale; The Ironic Waltz


Additional Personnel / Information

Cathy Segal-Garcia: vocals; Yoonseung Cho: piano

Album Description

“Bohemian” Cathy Segal-Garcia & Yoonseung Cho First let me say, there are no overdubs on this recording. It was 2 days of joyous and non-judge-mental improvisation, within song structure! We hadn’t planned on recording a full project…we just wanted to document our musical relationship before Cho left Los Angeles, returning to Korea. It was definitely a project that was supposed to happen! 1) Bohemian: True story about me, before and when I met my husband Gary! I like this as a beginning tune, the intro sneaks in, lightly! Cho has a Chick feeling on this one. 2) Her Family: When I was in college, I loved the styles that were coming in at that time. Not only Motown and the Woodstock genre, but funk/jazz, and ECM! Pat Metheny, Bright Sized Life, Full Circle… and I heard his song In Her Family. I was immediately drawn to this song and wrote lyrics for it. Years later I contacted Pat, and he loved the words! He’s been waiting for me to do a recording on it, and here it is finally! This is the type of ballad that I connect to in my heart and soul, and Cho joined me in that sensitive place. 3) Everyday’s Own Song: I love the “road”, usually! I get to travel to places that are different than my hometown environment, make new friends, make music, get paid…all while not having to pay attention to bills, going to the market, no phone calls, etc! This is an ode to the creativity of the road! [ I love waltzes too!] 4) Jump Back: Just because you’re older, or married, doesn’t mean that you never get turned on by someone else, right?! Well, this is my fun statement to that! And my husband Gary helped with the lyrics, so I don’t feel so bad! This is a fun and funky tune! Cho and I worked it and got a bit crazy! 5) One Minute: Also a dedication to my husband Gary. And a true story of how I felt. Love those ballads! 6) Embraceable Jew: Bob Moses, brilliant musician from Boston, has consistently put out some amazing recordings, with some of my favorite players. When I heard this recording, I had to sing it! The line is great! 7) All the Right Reasons: 2 friends of mine wrote this. Vocalist Connie Olson wrote the lyrics first, and then vibraphonist Bill Molenhof wrote the music. A very deep and wonderful piece of music! 8) Like A River: One of my all time favorite artists is singer/songwriter Shelby Flint! I used to weep at all her performances years ago when I’d see her. Her inspiration for writing this song years ago was me! How could I resist singing it? I’ve always loved the flow, rhythm, and lyrics of this song. 9) A Timeless Place: Music by pianist Jimmy Rowles, lyrics by songstress Norma Winstone, England’s sweetheart. This song is a favorite of jazz musicians & vocalists. Haunting. With a very challenging bridge. 10) Fragile: Sting. Love his music, his singing, his poetry. This is a simple song, but its power of moving people is constant. I usually sing this more gently, but on that day a stronger emotion came out. 11) Touch Her Soft Lips/The Nightingale: Years back I heard a recording of Peter Erskine’s trio playing this song. I was moved, and wanted to write lyrics…but I heard my girlfriend’s (vocalist LM Pagano) lyrics, and I was totally satisfied! I put it into my repertoire. Then came across Deborah Henson- Conant’s writing, started singing The Nightingale. At one point I realized they were similar musically, and tried putting them together. The feeling evokes my sister, Edie, who passed away 2 years ago. And so I dedicate this combination to her. 12) The Ironic Waltz: My ode to life! Ha! We keep looking ahead, trying to find the good in life… and we do, but we find such a mix of interesting other things as well! This is a quirky musical tune, we had quirky fun on it! Critical Jazz: “Real musical integrity. Songs that are stripped bare of the more commercialized pretentiousness of the music industry for tunes that have a unique story and artist to make sure the story is told. N.P.R jazz. The vibe of artistic integrity coupled with honest emotion for a captivating experience.”



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