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Wayne Wolfson

California based author.


Article: Jazz Fiction

Can't Get Started

Read "Can't Get Started" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

I had been thinking of home when I died. “Do you want a drink now?" she asked. “A drink-drink?" “Mais oui." The modus operandi of an angel with a mean streak. How had I gotten here? Her place, I had been here once but that was ...


Article: Jazz Fiction

Bop Addict

Read "Bop Addict" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

She clutched my hand deciding to worry about how to deny having done such a thing later. It was Sabbath's first time leaving Brooklyn and she was nervous. Of course I was all right, I had been until we were well under way and past the point of no return. Passing through customs had been fine ...


Article: Jazz Poetry

Rites of Spring

Read "Rites of Spring" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

Spring was the sweat running down the back of her legs. It is the pack of young dogs running down the street in their best clothes, new haircuts and fresh packs of smokes always kept in the left pocket of their sports coats. Ready to offer one up to a beautiful or willing lady, unwrapping the ...


Article: Jazz Poetry

Brilliant Corners

Read "Brilliant Corners" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

The last words of his hero still echoed in his ear but they brought no inspiration as there was a fear he had misinterpreted them. I met myself ten years from now on the Rue Grand Augustin. He did not have the patience to answer questions that he thought unimportant. Rolling his eyes at ...


Article: Jazz Fiction

The Harlequin Years

Read "The Harlequin Years" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

I had been the third dreamer that she had lived with. Immediately preceding me, a 5'3" guitarist whose long hair was almost equal to his height but thinning, since it was taking him so long to “make it" as an established musician and then his friend, from a well to do family but considered incapable of ...


Article: Jazz Poetry


Read "Cords" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

Every person, friend, family, enemy and lover is a string, one end attached to you. Tethered to life. We go through our lives getting all tangled up. When someone dies the cord is cut. Gazing down, your hold the severed line in your hand and wonder about the cut. Even with the courage to ...


Article: Jazz Poetry

Fine and Mellow

Read "Fine and Mellow" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

I head home. Even if I had, had money, I was just too tired to sustain the illusion that something, something may happen. Most days the possibility sustained me, that and the music. There was no place to go anyways. The rain made the sky waver. Off in the distance a plane, a dull ...


Article: Jazz Poetry

Wisdom of Loss

Read "Wisdom of Loss" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

It was the day after Paula's going home party. Helium worn away, one lone white balloon now shrunken and flightless, sits on a hedge looking like the bleached skull of a sacrifice from some pagan ritual.Even in my better moments there was a certain degree of fatalism, a lament for the finite.How ...


Article: Jazz Poetry

Star Eyes

Read "Star Eyes" reviewed by Wayne Wolfson

Occupying the neighboring stools, people come and go; the tide of humanity gone thirsty. Cocktail umbrellas litter the bar lying to all of her good fortune. Cheap tobacco, blues, the girl I need you to be. She is a sphinx two drinks from leaving home. I suck in air trough my teeth to further ...


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