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Texture and Transformation: PEK & His Grand Aesthetic Challenge PEK (aka David Peck) is a multi-instrument improviser who plays all kinds of instruments including saxophones, clarinets, double reeds, percussion, electronics and auxiliary sound making devices of all kinds. PEK was born in 1964 and started playing clarinet and piano in elementary school. In 7th grade he started saxophones, first on alto, then switching to tenor in high school. He spent 10 years playing in rock bands and studying classical and jazz saxophone with Kurt Heisig in the San Jose CA area before moving to Boston in 1989 to attend Berklee where he studied performance with George Garzone

The Photon Epoch

Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2019
Track listing: The Photon Epoch.


Leap of Faith Orchestra: The Photon Epoch

Read "The Photon Epoch" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and label founder, PEK is an audacious experimenter. Beyond that, there are no appropriate labels for the music associated with his numerous groups on his Evil Clown label. Listen to the Leap of Faith Orchestra on The Photon Epoch and you will find yourself at thirty-thousand feet, in a place with few identifiable ...


Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2018
Track listing: SuperClusters.


Leap of Faith Orchestra: SuperClusters

Read "SuperClusters" reviewed by Karl Ackermann

On two occasions each year, composer and multi-instrumentalist PEK (David M. Peck), gathers together his Evil Clown collective for live recordings. Culled from Leap of Faith, String Theory, Mekaniks, Metal Chaos Ensemble and their respective off-shoots of each, the players form his massive, eighteen-member Leap of Faith Orchestra. For the SuperClusters session, the group assembled at ...

Turbulence Doom Choir - Angular Velocity Vectors

Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. Angular Displacement 20:11; 2. Matrix of the Frame 20:59; 3. Skew-Symmetric 21:58;

Leap of Faith - Dynamical Systems

Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. Dynamical Systems 01:10:10 - Evil Clown Headquarters - 6/17/2017

Space Metal Chaos Ensemble - Electropositivity

Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. Hold on to Your Pantaloons 25:10; 2. The First THRUST 36:26; 3. The First THRUST - Ableton Mix (download bonus track) 38:03; Evil Clown Headquarters - 15 June 2017

Space Metal Chaos Ensemble - Electronegativity

Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. Space Metal Chaos Ensemble - Many Panks (more cowbell) 31:48; 2. Harsh Noise Movement - Post-Bop 28:45; 3. Download Bonus Track - Many Panks (more cowbell) Ableton Mix 37:40; Evil Clown Headquarters, Waltham MA - 15 June 2017

Metal Chaos Ensemble - Post​-​Transition Elements

Label: Evil Clown
Released: 2017
Track listing: 1. Carbon Group 01:10:28 - Evil Clown Headquarters - 6/7/17


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