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Pat Metheny: From This Place

Read "From This Place" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

When a musician of Pat Metheny's pedigree writes, “From This Place is one of the records I have been waiting to make my whole life," it seems prudent to listen. Each of these ten new compositions seems to reflect a different aspect of Metheny as composer and guitarist, casting his bright and articulate voice ...


Pat Metheny: From This Place

Read "From This Place" reviewed by Emmanuel Di Tommaso

Sono vari i motivi per i quali è difficile trattenere l'entusiasmo di fronte all'uscita di From This Place, ritorno su disco di Pat Metheny. Il piacere dell'attesa, innanzitutto: ben sei anni sono trascorsi dall'uscita del precedente album in studio Kin () (Nonesuch, 2014), un lasso di tempo che ai fans più appassionati sarà sembrato infinito, considerata ...


Pat Metheny: From This Place

Read "From This Place" reviewed by John Kelman

It's been a full six years since Pat Metheny last released a studio recording. This, despite the guitarist who has become, in a career now in the midst of its fifth decade, one of the most famous and influential jazz guitarists of his (or, some would argue, any) generation, reportedly having enough material in the can ...


Brad Mehldau: Finding Gabriel

Read "Finding Gabriel" reviewed by Emmanuel Di Tommaso

Se un'artista del calibro di Brad Mehldau riesce ancora a stupire dopo aver destrutturato in tutti i modi possibili la musica contemporanea, il motivo può essere solo un'opera d'arte complessa e stratificata, che non a caso trae le sue basi concettuali da una rilettura in chiave post-moderna delle profezie dell'Antico Testamento nel tentativo di offrire una ...

From This Place

Label: Nonesuch Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: America Undefined; Wide and Far; You Are; Same River; Pathmaker; The Past in Us; Everything Explained; From This Place; Sixty-Six; Love May Take Awhile.

Sun Rings

Label: Nonesuch Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: Sun Rings Overture; Hero Danger; Beebopterismo; Planet Elf Sindoori; Earth Whistlers; Earth/Jupiter Kiss; The Electron Cyclotron Frequency Parlour; Prayer Central; Venus Upstream; One Earth, One People, One Love.

Rachael & Vilray

Label: Nonesuch Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: Without a Thought for My Heart; Do Friends Fall in Love?; Alone At Last; Treat Me Better; Nosotros; At Your Mother’s House; I Can’t Go to Sleep; I Love the Way You’re Breaking My Heart; The Laundromat Swing; Go on Shining; Let’s Make Love on This Plane; There’s No True Love.

Finding Gabriel

Label: Nonesuch Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: The Garden; Born to Trouble; Striving After Wind; O Ephraim; St. Mark Is Howling in the City of Night; The Prophet Is a Fool; Make It All Go Away; Deep Water; Proverb of Ashes; Finding Gabriel.


Kronos Quartet/Terry Riley: Sun Rings

Read "Sun Rings" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

In addition to their performance of 20th century classics, modern music specialists The Kronos Quartet have a long history of commissioning new works from contemporary composers. But their relationship with minimalist pioneer Terry Riley is a special one. After composing the open-scored In C in 1964, Riley increasingly turned his attention towards improvised performances with tape-delay ...


Label: Nonesuch Records
Released: 2018
Track listing: CNN Predicts a Monster Storm; Wind Whistles Through the Dark City; The Water Rises; Our Street Is a Black River; Galaxies; Darkness Falls; Dreams; Dreams Translated; The Dark Side; Built You a Mountain; The Electricity Goes out and We Move to a Hotel; We Learn to Speak yet Another Language; Dawn of the World; The Wind Lifted the Boats and Left Them on the Highway; It Twisted the Street Signs; Then It Receded; The Nineteen Stars of Heaven; Nothing Left but Their Names; All the Extinct Animals; Galaxies II; Never What You Think It Will Be; Thunder Continues in the Aftermath; We Blame Each Other for Losing the Way; Another Long Evening; Riding Bicycles Through the Muddy Streets; Helicopters Hang Over Downtown; We Head Out; Everything Is Floating; Gongs and Bells Sing; Old Motors and Helicopters


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