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Jaga Jazzist: Live with Britten Sinfonia

Label: Ninja Tune
Released: 2013
Track listing: Overture/One-Armed Bandit; Kitty Wu; Prungen; Bananfluer Overalt; For All You Happy People; Toccata; Music! Dance! Drama!; Oslo Skyline.


Jaga Jazzist: Live with Britten Sinfonia

Read "Jaga Jazzist: Live with Britten Sinfonia" reviewed by Phil Barnes

Norwegian collective Jaga Jazzist don't sit comfortably within genre boundaries. Their earlier UK Ninja Tune releases like A Livingroom Hush (2001) and The Stix (2003) suggested a marriage of jazz texture with glitchy, breakbeat driven electronica in a way that was both diverting and interesting, if likely to incite the wrath of the more traditional jazz ...

Jaga Jazzist: Live with Britten Sinfonia

Read "Jaga Jazzist: Live with Britten Sinfonia" reviewed by John Kelman

Norway's Jaga Jazzist has always been difficult to pigeonhole. Despite the word “jazz" in the nonet's moniker, its principle writer, multi-instrumentalist Lars Horntveth, has cited everyone from Steve Reich, Rick Wakeman, Dungen and Spirit to Fela Kuti, King Crimson, MGMT and Air as influences on the group's last studio record, One-Armed Bandit (Ninja Tune, 2010). Horntveth ...


Jaga Jazzist to Release "Jaga Jazzist Live With the Britten Sinfonia" on May 6

Jaga Jazzist to Release "Jaga Jazzist Live With the Britten Sinfonia" on May 6

Those unlucky enough to miss Jaga Jazzist in performance with the UK's Britten Sinfonia in either London, at The Barbican, last summer or Oslo, at Rockefeller, last fall—the final show of Conexions,a series curated by Fiona Talkington, host of the terrific BBC Radio 3 show Late Junction, amongst many other things, and reviewed at All About ...


Alice Russell & Tru Thoughts Records Prepare "To Dust"

Alice Russell & Tru Thoughts Records Prepare "To Dust"

To Dust is the first solo album from British soul sensation, Alice Russell since 2008’s critically acclaimed Pot Of Gold, and marks the next step forward in her remarkable career. Whether on a big stage with her 16 piece band, charming a crowd of 4000 into staying out dancing in the rain (as she did at ...

Bananfluer Overalt

Label: Ninja Tune
Released: 2010
Track listing: Bananfluer Overalt (Prins Thomas Discomiks); One-Armed Bandit (Sprutbass Mix); 220 V/Spektral (FINAL Mix); Touch of Evil (Cuckoo Mix).

One-Armed Bandit

Label: Ninja Tune
Released: 2010
Track listing: The Thing Introduces...; One-Armed Bandit; Bananfluer Overalt; 220 V/Spektral; Toccata; Prognissekongen; Book of Glass; Music! Dance! Drama!; Touch of Evil.


Jaga Jazzist: Bananfluer Overalt

Read "Bananfluer Overalt" reviewed by John Kelman

At a time when the amount of new music being released each and every month is at an all-time high, it's hard enough for artists to get their music heard, let alone maintain momentum between releases. For many, gigging is the only way to ensure their names remain on the radar, but for bands like Jaga ...


Jaga Jazzist: One-Armed Bandit

Read "One-Armed Bandit" reviewed by John Kelman

After a five-year break from recording, Jaga Jazzist is back. The Norwegian group's Molde Jazz 2009 performance--its first in four years, barring a single 2007 date in Singapore--provided clear evidence that the touchstones defining this sibling-run group remain intact (multi-instrumentalist Lars Horntveth writes all the music; percussionist Martin Horntveth is the onstage spokesperson for the band; ...

Love To Make Music To

Label: Ninja Tune
Released: 2008


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