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Andreas Willers

Andreas Willers has gained a reputation as an exceptional guitar player with an incredibly rich stylistic background reaching from blues and jazz to improvised and New Music. The impressive technical and tonal options at his disposal are carried by a great feeling for form and tremenuos emotional power. His debut release was a solo recording for the famous FMP label in the 1980's. He has worked with Paul Bley, Louis Sclavis, David Murray a.m.m. on stage and in the studio. He also works on different forms of improvised and composed music. Studied guitar and improvisation with Joe Diorio (at GIT, Los Angeles), John Abercrombie and Dave Holland (at Bannf School of Fine Arts, Alberta, Canada) among others


Urs Leimgruber - Andreas Willers - Alvin Curran - Fabrizio Spera: Rome-Ing

Read "Rome-Ing" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

These venerable European improvisers tease and taunt the listeners' psyches with free-form minimalist sound-shaping designs and subdued inner-workings with gradual buildups and asynchronous movements, countered by explosive episodes of angst, tinted with creaky sub-motifs. With four lengthy works recorded live in Rome--hence, the album title—American pianist Alvin Curran and Swiss guitarist Andreas Willers incorporate electronics into ...


Label: Leo Records
Released: 2019
Track listing: Part I 17:50, Part II 24:27, Part III 9:16, Part IV 17:17

Derek Plays Eric

Label: Jazzwerkstatt
Released: 2018
Track listing: 1. Steampunk 69 (Willers), 2. Plodding Along (Willers), 3. Roost'r (Willers, Roder, Marien), 4. Gentle Maya: Dance Of Maya (McLaughlin)/Eat Your Blues (Willers)/Valedictory (Shulman, Shulman, Minnear), 5. I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (Ellington)/Hen's Teert & Bee's Knees (Willers, Roder, Marien), 6. Politician (Bruce, Brown), 7. Alexis & The North (Willers), 8. Laili (Willers), 9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Mingus)/The Marshall Needs El Juicio (Willers), 10. I Repeat Myself II (Willers)/The Stumble (Fr.King), 11. Fettes Holz (Willers), 12. HCKHH Blues/Statues (Bruce), 13. Elementarfelder (Willers, Roder, Marien)

Pale White Shout

Label: Jazzwerkstatt
Released: 2016
Track listing:


Andreas Willers / Urs Leimgruber: Pale White Shout

Read "Pale White Shout" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Guitarist Andreas Willers (Germany) and saxophonist Urs Leimgruber (Switzerland) are among Europe's most prominent improvisers and free-thinkers. On this outing their experimental metrics are quite rangy and focused, offering the antithesis to a madcap free-form blowing session. The duo alternates between controlled thematic buildups and subdued encounters with polytonal dialogues along with certain parts that elicit ...


The Scrambling Ex: The Scrambling Ex

Read "The Scrambling Ex" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Deftly juggling twisted harmonic sequences, free improvised passages, sweet and simple jazz melodies, and stop-on-a-dime rhythmic convolutions, The Scrambling Ex nods at all sorts of musical reference points without aping anyone in particular. An equal collaboration between multi- reed player Peter Van Huffel, guitarist Andreas Willers, and percussionist Oliver Steidle (who's since been replaced by the ...


Label: Creative Sources Recordings
Released: 2014
Track listing: 1. Denotationsrat (Dörner, Willers, Kaufmann) 36:00, 2. Inraten (Willers) 9:29, 3. Entraten (Kaufmann) 8:11, 4. Aufraten (Dörner) 11:20

Orange Years

Released: 2010
Track listing: 01. Sluggish Workout; 02. Shake That Little World; 03. Orange Years; 04. Aus Zeit, Tiefjahrig; 05. I Am the Locust; 06. Against Better Judgement; 07. Judika; 08. Strummer; 09. Kater Mikesch; 10. Imp; 11. Davor, Dahinter, Danach; 12. Tuesday Ends Saturday; 13. Time Flies; 14. Obviciously; 15. Parking Lot Blues; 16. As of Now.


Andreas Willers: Orange Years

Read "Orange Years" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo nuovo album del chitarrista tedesco Andreas Willers è il degno compare del precedente album in solo Drowning Migrant (Leo Records) uscito lo scorso anno. Ci sono differenze importanti a livello strutturale, anche se la chitarra di Willers rimane ben identificabile nella sua capacità di trascendere i linguaggi per giungere alle soglie del suono nudo e ...


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