Que Vola, when French Jazz meets Cuban rumba

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French trombonist Fidel Fourneyron launched his Que Vola project in 2017 while visiting Cuba and playing with local band Osain del Monte. Call it French Jazz meets Cuban rumba.... and the result is a real blow! They gave an energetic show in Paris in February 2019 during the Sons d'Hiver Festival at Musée Branly Theater in celebration of their album release. Recently, Fidel Fourneyron was awarded most promising artist 2019 by the French Jazz Academy and it was well deserved. In Spanish "Que Vola" means "what is flying," or in modern parlance "what's new" or "what's up." It is Fidel question to his fellow musicians on this project.

The full line up included Aymeric Avice (Trumpet), Adonis Panter Calderon (drums), Benjamin Dousteysser (Sax alto, baritone), Philippe Pipon Garcia (Drums), Hugues Mayot (Sax tenor), Barbaro Crespo Richard (drums), Bruno Ruder (Keyboards Fender Rhodes), Thibaud Soulas (Double bass), Ramon Tamayo Martinez (drums) and Fidel Fourneyron as musical director and trombonist.
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