Raphael Perez

Jazz in its different forms is the music I like to ear, to see, to feel and to shoot in pictures

About Me

French living in Paris, working in software industry. Travelling often and always interested to attend a live concert as listening good music like jazz is a real relaxing and inspiring moment. Photo and music are 2 companions since teen ager and shooting musicians is a passion I started a long time ago .... Husband and father of 2 I also do lot of travel and family pictures.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it is a music for the ears, for the soul and for the eyes including a place to improvisation. Also because jazz musicians have great skills and still stay very humble and open as well as close to their fans. I was first exposed to jazz when listening my parents music very young I met several musicians when I started to attend jazz concerts and even more when I was there to do pictures The best shows I ever attended were .. So many .... I really love them all ... and even more when I shoot pictures. The first jazz record I had was Louis Armstrong LP with Petite Fleur when I was 14 I love Jazz because along with the classical Jazz we can have several mix with different music and world music that always provide me great pleasure and satisfaction to discover new combinations Or whatever else you have in mind: Jazz is also a non definitive concept and more and more type of jazz

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