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George Winstone: Outer Spaces

Read "Outer Spaces" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Alto saxophonist and composer George Winstone's debut recording stands out from the crowd. Technically it's an EP but at 33 minutes it's not very different in duration from some LPs; it's actually the same length as Coltrane's A Love Supreme and four minutes longer than (Albert Ayler's Spiritual Unity .

Winstone, who was born ...


George Winstone

George Winstone grew up in London and after studying classical piano at Trinity Laban on the Junior Course, he went and studied in the Junior Department at the Royal Academy of Music and the undergraduate course at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance . In the UK he has set himself up as a highly respected and accomplished artist, lauded amongst audiences and peers as a having a large warm sound and a brilliant technique, he has played with some of the UK's best jazz artists including Jacob Collier, Emmanuel Franklyn Adelabu, Rick Leon James, Jamie Murray, Charlie Stacey and Gareth Lockrane. George has a deep interest in classical Chinese medicine and healing traditions from around the world