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ALA.NI on preserving the present moment in music

Read "ALA.NI on preserving the present moment in music" reviewed by Leo Sidran

In this podcast interview, singer-songwriter ALA.NI talks about job of the artist ("to see the world through a different lens and then share that experience"), why she moved to France ("I feel seen here"), improvised circle singing ("when we enter back into the child and the imagination, there's no rules!") and the genetic memory of violence ...


Ben Sidran at Dazzle

Read "Ben Sidran at Dazzle" reviewed by Geoff Anderson

Ben Sidran
Denver, CO
October 23, 2019

Ben Sidran is a quadruple threat. Many great musicians claim the trifecta of vocals, instrumental chops and songwriting. Sidran has all those. On top of all that, Sidran adds philosophizing. Or maybe it's storytelling. Or maybe both of those things. Wednesday night, Sidran ...


Chris Potter: What Influences the Influencer?

Read "Chris Potter: What Influences the Influencer?" reviewed by Leo Sidran

Chris Potter is a supremely influential saxophonist. Downbeat Magazine has called him “one of the most studied (and copied) saxophonists on the planet." In this introspective and philosophical podcast conversation he talks about art, the search for something new, what motivates him today, what he sees as his role, responsibility and contribution to the history of ...


Ben Sidran on 50 years in jazz

Read "Ben Sidran on 50 years in jazz" reviewed by Leo Sidran

In this podcast, the multifaceted Ben Sidran (my dad) on his 76th birthday, talks about on falling in love with bebop as a young boy, counter culture in the 1960s, jazz as a form of journalism, how to get paid like a musician, his proudest moments, writing a misunderstood rock and roll anthem, getting to Carnegie ...


Donald Fagen On The Past, Present And Future

Read "Donald Fagen On The Past, Present And Future" reviewed by Leo Sidran

Donald Fagen on what's so punk about Steely Dan, what's so sweet about bebop, why making his first solo record, The Nightfly was so personally disruptive to him, when he decided to finally grow up, and who he never wants to see again. Plus, behind the scenes stories of making Gaucho, his relationship with Walter Becker, ...


Fred Hersch: Making more out of less

Read "Fred Hersch: Making more out of less" reviewed by Leo Sidran

In this episode, pianist, composer, educator and recording artist Fred Hersch tells how the scene has changed over the years ("people drink less now"), learning to be gracious ("the audience needs to have their experience independent of how you feel about it"), education ("You can spend $200,000 on a jazz performance degree and not make that ...


Nate Chinen on jazz criticism and the trouble with defining music

Read "Nate Chinen on jazz criticism and the trouble with defining music" reviewed by Leo Sidran

In this podcast episode, jazz writer and critic Nate Chinen talks about his book Playing Changes, jazz criticism, displaced backbeats, the importance of live music, and the trouble with trying to define what music should and shouldn't be. This is a conversation I've waited a long time to have and it was absolutely worth the wait. ...