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Arne Domnerus: Memories of You

Read "Memories of You" reviewed by Chris Mosey

With the death of Arne Domnerus, at the age of 83, on September 2, 2008, a great and all-pervading light went out on the Swedish jazz scene. “Dompan," as he was universally known in his homeland, started out playing Benny Goodman-influenced clarinet in a Stockholm college band in his teens, graduated to alto saxophone in diverse, ...


Mark Murphy: Memories of You

Read "Memories of You" reviewed by Joel Roberts

It only takes a few moments for Mark Murphy to remind listeners why he's been one of the top vocalists in jazz for a generation. His new CD is Memories of You, a set of songs associated with the late, great Joe Williams.

It's not so much Murphy's voice, which is fine, if a little ...