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MOA: Maverick

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Max Wild wears many musical hats: A jazz musician who plays alto saxophone, an instructor at one of New York City's hottest music production schools (Dubspot), and producer of his own original dance and other electronic music. Wild began to play the saxophone in his native Zimbabwe and earned his Master in Jazz degree from the ...

Checking in from Global Outposts

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Atlas Maior
Self Produced

Open the package for Atlas Maior's debut CD and here's the first line you read: “Palindrome was completely improvised and recorded live with no overdubs." How you respond to these words will greatly shape how you respond to this music.

A ...


Max Wild: Tamba

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Alto saxophonist Max Wild's Tamba, his ObliqSound debut, combines classic musical themes and devices from Zimbabwe and South Africa with illuminating arrangements and improvisations from contemporary jazz. “My connection to Zimbabwean music defines me. Once I stopped trying to sound like a 'jazz' musician and let my inspiration come out freely, I was able to let ...

Mama Africa

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If you wanted to travel to--oh, let's just say--Tanzania and then from Tanzania to India, then to Puerto Rico, to England, then Spain, to Peru, then to South Africa, to personally experience their musical varieties both garden and exotic, you could do it by cashing in, with rounding, about 28,690 frequent flier miles.

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Max Wild: New Album 'Tamba' on Obliqsound & Tour with Chiwoniso

Max Wild: New Album 'Tamba' on Obliqsound & Tour with Chiwoniso

Brooklyn, NY -- Zimbabwean saxophonist Max Wild will release Tamba on June 29, his riveting full-length debut on ObliqSound that blurs the lines between jazz, funk and Afropop. In Shona -- the predominant language spoken in Zimbabwe -- Tamba means “dance," and it's virtually impossible to be within listening distance of this music and not comply. ...


Max Wild: Zambezi Sunset

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Max Wild spent his formative years in Zimbabwe, where he learned to play the saxophone and came under the influence of the country's music. It is not surprising, then, that his debut album dwells largely on the rhythms that fascinated him.

Wild brings a lyrical style of play on several of the songs. He ...