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Peter Frei: Three Trios

Read "Three Trios" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Three Trios is one of those records that just lodges in your musical memory and refuses to leave. These seventy minutes of the most enjoyable and subtle mainstream playing continue to surprise and reveal layers upon layers after each listen.

Peter Frei is new to me, but the bassist has been active on ...


Nguy: Three Trios

Read "Three Trios" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Nguyên Lê is amazing. His guitar work is unique, inspiring, technically challenging, fired with soul, jazzy, rocking, and drips of fusion yet goes even further. You will hear world music (far-Eastern/Southeast Asian) scales and note treatments in attack, vibrato, and bends. Lê is of Vietnamese heritage but knows full well the world of jazz and rock.