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Matt Hooke's Best Releases of 2017

Read "Matt Hooke's Best Releases of 2017" reviewed by Matt Hooke

2017 marked the first year that I wrote for All About Jazz, and I got to experience some phenomenal music. It was a diverse year in jazz, international artists like Tony Allen and Seckou Keita brought unique perspectives to jazz. Other artists like Chris Thile, Brad Mehldau, and Dayme Arocena, released some of their best work ...

Giovanni Palombo: Retablo

Read "Retablo" reviewed by Mario Calvitti

Il nuovo album del chitarrista romano Giovanni Palombo, quarto realizzato per la label tedesca Acoustic Music Records, ci fornisce ancora una volta l'opportunità di (ri)scoprire un artista ancora troppo poco conosciuto, come del resto molti altri specialisti del suo strumento, la chitarra acustica, relegato spesso in una nicchia per specialisti. Negli oltre trent'anni di attività professionistica ...


World's Only Imrat Guitarist Todd Mosby Debuts Album With Six Grammy Winning And Nominated Artists

World's Only Imrat Guitarist Todd Mosby Debuts Album With Six Grammy Winning And Nominated Artists

The Walking Cradle Co. presents acoustic and Imrat guitarist, composer and improviser Todd Mosby, who debuts his genre-defying music—On Eagle Mountain. A unique blend of new age, jazz, and world music, with hints of folk, bluegrass and classical North Indian flair—Mosby will kick-off the tour from the 'Focal Point' in St. Louis on Saturday, April 30, ...


World's Leading Performer Of Hybrid Sitar/Guitar Todd Mosby Tours California With Michael Manring & Henry Kaiser

World's Leading Performer Of  Hybrid Sitar/Guitar Todd Mosby Tours California With Michael Manring & Henry Kaiser

St. Louis based composer, inventor and recording artist Todd Mosby performs genre-defying music—a blend of jazz, classical, and traditional Indian—for over 35 years. The contemporary acoustic guitarist is the ONLY guitarist worldwide, outside of the royal family in India, whose mastered the 20-stringed Imrat Sitar. Todd makes his second of seven tour appearances—When Music Worlds Collide—at ...

Henry Kaiser & Ray Russell: The Celestial Squid

Read "The Celestial Squid" reviewed by Troy Collins

The Celestial Squid is an unprecedented summit meeting between two renowned guitarists: legendary British session ace Ray Russell and idiosyncratic Bay Area experimentalist Henry Kaiser. Although best known as a veteran studio musician, Russell's groundbreaking early records revealed a penchant for unbridled free jazz, culminating in his 1971 masterpiece Rites and Rituals (CBS). Since then, Russell ...

Yo Miles! Revisited: Lightning and Shinjuku

Read "Yo Miles! Revisited: Lightning and Shinjuku" reviewed by John Kelman

Amongst the plethora of tributes to trumpet icon Miles Davis' electric period on Columbia, beginning with 1969's In a Silent Way and ending with 1975's Agharta and Pangaea, only a few stand out as being truly reverential--not just to the electrified energy and jungle funk of the music, but to its undeniably avant leanings as well. ...


Take Five With Barry Cleveland

Read "Take Five With Barry Cleveland" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Barry Cleveland: Barry Cleveland's guitar playing is rooted in progressive and psychedelic rock, branching into ambient, experimental, funk, and various ethnic styles--enhanced by cutting-edge electronics and unorthodox playing techniques. He's also a deft engineer and producer with an iconoclastic approach to recording and mixing.

Cleveland released his first commercial album--Mythos--on Larry Fast's ...


Barry Cleveland: Hologramatron

Read "Hologramatron" reviewed by Mark Redlefsen

Hologramatron is an imaginative progressive rock-oriented release by guitarist Barry Cleveland. Proficient technique commands attention throughout the entire CD, alongside Cleveland's writing, and arranging of the entire set. The songs are rich in sonic texture, and with panoptic social political messages that require a close listen. Cleveland recruited a number of responsive talented players to communicate ...


Barry Cleveland: Beyond Convention

Read "Barry Cleveland: Beyond Convention" reviewed by Anil Prasad

The personal is the political for guitarist and composer Barry Cleveland. That perspective is evident on Hologramatron (MoonJune, 2010), his new album featuring songs that serve as a response to the socio-political and religious narratives woven by the voices dominating today's 24-hour news cycles. Cleveland is unafraid of telling it exactly as he sees it, with ...


Manring, Carrothers, Goldsby for Sligo Jazz Project 2010

Sligo Jazz Project (SJP) announces its 2010 Sligo International Jazz Summer School Faculty. SJP 2010, which takes place in Sligo, Ireland from the 20-25 July, features six days of workshops, masterclasses and concerts. The quality of tuition on offer this year is world class, with some very experienced educators, including electric bass legend Michael Manring, respected ...