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Pierre D: China Jungle

Read "China Jungle" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Cross Cultural. From the opening notes, the New Jungle Orchestra (NJO) goes up on two wheels and fearlessly spins through a novel collection of compositions by Pierre Dørge and his band members and associates. At first blush, one would read the composition titles and conclude what Louis Armstrong did after having head Bebop: that this was ...

Pierre Dorge & New Jungle Orchestra: China Jungle

Read "China Jungle" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

It’s hard to find fault with Danish based Pierre Dorge and his “New Jungle Orchestra”, as they are one of the best working bands in jazz. Released in 1997, “China Jungle” represents NJO at their best as they continue to derive cross-cultural elements and meld them into a uniquely identifiable sound, which serves as a hallmark ...