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Trombone Shorty and Christian Scott as NBA Superstars

Thanks to a tweet by freeform, I was just hipped to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal by jazz writer Larry Blumenfeld about New Orleans wunderkinds Christian Scott and Troy “Trombone Shorty" Andrews. It's well-done, so give it a read.

... done yet? OK, now for my take: I can see where Blumenfeld ...


Backatown by Trombone Shorty

Backatown, the latest release from New Orleans brass prodigy Trombone Shorty (aka Troy Andrews,) takes the explosive musical milieu of New Orleans to a new level, bringing New Orleans jazz, funk and whatever else goes on down there into a sound he calls “supaphunkrock." The result is an intensely funky party album that manages to be ...


The Checkout May 11: Featuring Yours Truly

As a part of my M.A. degree at Rutgers, I have had the pleasure of interning at WBGO, the NYC areas leading jazz radio station. Working closely with producer Josh Jackson, I have begun to learn the ropes for putting together their weekly showcase for new jazz trends, The Checkout.

Since its finals week and ...


One Night Only! My Jack Teagarden Research at the IJS

One Night Only! My Jack Teagarden Research at the IJS

This announcement is very last-minute, but if youre in the NYC area and dont have any plans tonight, come hear me give a talk at Rutgers-Newarks Institute of Jazz Studies on my Masters thesis research. The title of the talk is White and Blue: Alternate Takes on Jack Teagarden and will give a broad overview of ...


Is Dr. Teeth a Jazz Muppet?

OK, its been too long since Ive posted anything at the blog again but rather than shut things down entirely (as I did in September) I am trying a slightly different strategy for combating the chain of events (too busy to read other jazz blogs, focus my writing energy elsewhere, too tired to write at the ...


McGill Graduate Music Symposium

Im finally recovering from my whirlwind weekend in Montreal, where I attended the McGill Graduate Music Symposium, a three-day graduate student musicology conference put on by the McGill Music Graduate Students Society. It was the first time in my brief academic career that I attended a conference like this, and I had such a blast that ...


Los Andes Big Band Survives Chile Earthquake

I just heard back from a close friend in Chile and thought this would be a good place to pass along word of the Chilean jazz community in the wake of the mega-earthquake that hit the country over the weekend.  Santiago Cerda Contreras (pictured) is a jazz composer, arranger and director of Los Andes Big Band, ...


Vic Juris @ Trumpets Jazz Club

Vic Juris @ Trumpets Jazz Club

I finally had the opportunity to get out and hear some live music this weekend, last night at Trumpets Jazz Club.  Even though the club is only a few blocks from my apartment, it took the encouragement of my friend Sean to finally make it out there to see a show.

It was also the ...


Gerald Clayton Trio @ Village Vanguard

Gerald Clayton Trio @ Village Vanguard

Blizzard be damned!  Tonight, I'll be at the Village Vanguard to help put together WBGOs live broadcast of the Gerald Clayton Trio featuring Joe Sanders on bass and Justin Brown on drums at 9 pm .  If you're snowed in (or just far away) you can check it out on our live audio/video stream and chat ...


Jazz and Writing: A Unified Theory?

In my Sunday afternoon jazz internet perusal, I found a couple of interesting links that are worth sharing.  Theyre both related to my own personal search for self-expression both through music and writing.

First was this insightful manifesto from Chris Kelsey (from whom I borrowed the awesome image to your right.)  Chris offers a definition ...