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Take Five With Craig Akin

Read "Take Five With Craig  Akin" reviewed by Craig Akin

Meet Craig Akin:
Craig Akin is an in-demand upright and electric bassist living in New York City. Between 1997 and 2007, he averaged 270 gigs a year in his musical hometown of Kansas City. There he developed his rhythm and tone while playing or recording with nearly everyone on the jazz and blues scene. ...


Aimee Allen: Winters & Mays

Read "Winters & Mays" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Vocalist/composer/arranger Aimée Allen exists as a whole, self-sustaining entity. Her round, sensuous alto has only smooth edges with a caress of warm linen. Her songwriting (and that which she does with brother David Allen) is top-notch, fully formed and in abundance on Winters & Mays. But it is her singing that is exceptional, particularly on the ...