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Jacques Pellarin

Composer & Accordionist Performing with duet "Jac & Co"(2012- Today) Music Producer (2006- Today ) Jazz quintet EP "Back to Philadelphia vol°2"(2016) Jacques Pellarin Composer/ accordion Jim Cohen (guitar) - David Bopdrummer (drums)- Christopher Davis-Shannon (upright Bass) - Stan Slotter ( flute/trumpet)- Jazz quartet EP "Back to Philadelphia"(2015) Jacques Pellarin Composer / accordion Jim Cohen (guitar) - David Bopdrummer (drums)- Christopher Davis-Shannon (Bass). Productions of four Jacques Pellarin /solo albums between 2012 and 2015 - cinematic french cinema. Album studio "Sup Dude" -Jacques Pellarin quartet ( 2011). Diego Fano(sax),Yann Pajean(drums);Renaud Bourquard( Bass). Acoustic Jazz Jacques Pellarin trio( 2007- 2012 )album "Sound of Philadelphia "(2008); album "Karenita"(2010 )with Diego Fano(Sax)& Yann Pajean(percussions) Jacques Pellarin Jazz Quartet(2007-2005) Diego Fano(sax);Yann Pajean(percussions);B.Belly(Bass) Change of course (2004) - classic Accordion duet "Baïkal Duo"(2003-1985) - Her studies (1985-1969) ———————————————————————————————————————— Acoustic trio / solo (today) "My intention, in acoustic trio, is to approach a new sound and to create so a link between my experienceof classic scene and that more recent of my precede quartet Jazz of the world. Take up with my Bayan (classic accordion) while creating a dialogue World-Jazz with the saxophone and the percussions enriched my conception of the accordion and my creation

Back to Philadelphia vol°2

Label: Jacques Pellarin productions
Released: 2016

Back to Philadelphia - Jazz quartet

Label: Jacques Pellarin music productions
Released: 2015

Sup Dude

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2012
Track listing: Sup Dude; Le Temps De Souffler; Irish Diversion; Stevenson Bossa; CML Song; Live at Champlong; Squeezebox Samba; Tango Addiction; So Frenchy; Luz y Fuerza.


Jacques Pellarin Quartet: Sup Dude

Read "Sup Dude" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The world of Jacques Pellarin's music, especially on his Sup Dude, is brimming with the ecstasy of his ancient Bayan, that superb button accordion that swings and swerves as Pellarin coaxes the most extraordinary, absolutely joyful sounds out of it. His playing is reminiscent of both harmonicist Toots Thielmans and Hammond B3 organist Jimmy Smith at ...


Jacques Pellarin Quartet: Sup Dude

Read "Sup Dude" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

French accordionist and composer Jacques Pellarin has the welcome ability to craft music which is technically challenging, yet immediately accessible and engaging. Sup Dude is a joyous album, filled with refreshingly unpretentious tunes performed with skill and obvious pleasure by his quartet--a pleasure readily communicated to others. Sup Dude follows 2010's self-produced trio date, Karenita, adding ...

Sup Dude

Label: Self Produced
Released: 2011


Label: Self Produced
Released: 2011
Track listing: Sambayana; Corinazon; Chacun son Monde; Romananche; Rodeo Latino; Union Road; Karenita; Comme par Enchantement; Song for Co; My Street Corner; Accordeo do Sul; Latin-Blues.


Jacques Pellarin Trio: Karenita

Read "Karenita" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Karenita is the second album from the Jacques Pellarin Trio, following 2009's self-produced The Sound Of Philadelphia. It's a charming collection of lively, optimistic and happy tunes, played with exceptional style by this French ensemble; a real gem of an album that constantly surprises and delights. The album sleeve gives a clear and ...


Label: Self Produced
Released: 2010


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