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Mercury Falls: Quadrangle

Read "Quadrangle" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Mercury Falls is an intriguing and somewhat ambivalent band name--and whether it refers to a celestial body, a mythological messenger, plummeting water, dropping temperatures or, indeed, to nothing at all, it's a name that readily reflects the fascinating and at times beautiful music that the band creates on its debut release, Quadrangle.

Although ...


Cipher: Elemental Forces

Read "Elemental Forces" reviewed by John Kelman

On Cipher's third release, Elemental Forces, woodwind multi-instrumentalist Theo Travis and bassist Dave Sturt create soundscapes that are much more than simply background music. Augmented by percussionist Steve Hubback, they explore music that's reliant on programming and looping, but still manages to retain a spirit of adventure and interaction through real-time sonic manipulation and improvisation--making it ...


Josh Abrams: Cipher

Read "Cipher" reviewed by Derek Taylor

Delmark’s long been about giving local Chicago and Midwest talent a shot. As such, Bob Koester’s decision to place a patronly bet on the talents of bassist Abrams with this debut disc isn’t so unusual. Where the surprise arrives is in the band of compatriots Abrams assembled for the session.

Dörner and Gregorio are ...


Josh Abrams: Cipher

Read "Cipher" reviewed by Mark Corroto

It has been Chicago, not New York, that has been the confluence of music of Europe, jazz of the Americas, and improvised music. Whereas NYC claims all things to be “New York" (sort of like Al Gore inventing the internet), music makers in Chicago identify and defer to varying regional influences.

Such is the ...