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Take Five with Akos Forgacs

Read "Take Five with Akos Forgacs" reviewed by Akos Forgacs

Meet Akos Forgacs Akos Forgacs is a jny: New York City based electric bassist. Raised in Serbia and attended the local performing arts high as the very first electric bassist they accepted. Here he was awarded the many awards included an award at the national string chamber orchestra competition where he played the lead bass guitar. ...


Riccardo Fassi: Tankio Band Meets Fabio Morgera

Read "Tankio Band Meets Fabio Morgera" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Una degli organici più longevi d'Italia (34 anni di vita!) incontra Fabio Morgera, trombettista nato a Napoli, toscano d'adozione e maturato artisticamente a New York, dove ha vissuto per qualche decennio. La storia della Tankio Band è costellata di collaborazioni con illustri ospiti -da Steve Grossman a Enrico Rava, da Antonello Salis a Dave Fiuczynski--in progetti ...


Dave Fiuczynski: Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian Microjam!

Read "Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian Microjam!" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Simultaneously dedicated to 20th century classical composer Olivier Messiaen and legendary rap and hip-hop producer J Dilla, Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian Microjam! is a musical adventurer's dream and a purist's nightmare. But anything more conventional from conceptualist, composer and guitarist David Fiuczynski would probably be disappointing--after all, he's the “Fuze" who lit the raging bonfire of the ...


The Jack DeJohnette Group: Live at Yoshi's 2010

Read "Live at Yoshi's 2010" reviewed by John Kelman

In the text file accompanying his digital download-only Live at Yoshi's 2010, Jack DeJohnette is quoted, ..."Each piece is different every time we play it." Fans of this veteran drummer--for whom a precise count of all the artists he's worked with (let alone all the recordings he's appeared on) would be an exercise in futility--would have ...

Review: Dave Fiuczynski at the Baked Potato

As the Baked Potato steams toward its massive 40th anniversary jazz festival next weekend, there was something perfect about East Coast guitarist Dave Fiuczynski's performance Thursday night. Revered as a home for musicians' musicians and those who love them, the Baked Potato is a cramped, warm little clubhouse hugging the 101 Freeway between Studio City and ...


Seabrook Power Plant: Seabrook Power Plant

Read "Seabrook Power Plant" reviewed by Stuart Broomer

Seabrook Power Plant seems like a plausible name for a (sometime) power trio that features two brothers named Seabrook, guitarist-banjoist Brandon and drummer Jared (bassist Tom Blancarte is the third member), but one's sense of the band changes with the knowledge that there's a controversial nuclear power station in Seabrook, New Hampshire that bears the same ...

April 2009

Read "April 2009" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Edward SimonEd Simon TrioVillage VanguardNew York City March 1, 2009In any circumstance, it would be worth hitting the Village Vanguard to hear Edward Simon (Mar. 1st), one of the most gifted pianists of our day. But the presence of guest saxophonist Mark Turner--back in undiminished form after a ...


Guitarist Dave Fiuczynski Releases "KiF Express"

Guitarist Dave Fiuczynski Releases "KiF Express"

"Cutting edge sounds that define today's musical landscape" --Billboard “Intense simmering turmoil revealing (the) uncanny ability. of this contemporary guitar giant" --Jazz Times Audio Clip The mantra for guitarist Dave “Fuze" Fiuczynski's KiF project is “Eastern Exotica, Western Exstatica". This east-meets-west vibe is the driving force that permeates the music of their latest release KiF Express. ...


Dave Fiuczynski: Jazz Punk

Read "Jazz Punk" reviewed by John Sharpe

Listening to Jazz Punk is a lot like viewing modern art. Some will get it, many won’t. Is electric guitarist David Fiuczynski a.k.a.“Fuze” a ground breaking visionary or just a pretentious show-off? Depending on the listener, this ten-track CD presents enough evidence to support both theories. Fiuczynski opens Jazz Punk with a raucous reading of Pat ...


Dave Fiuczynski: Jazz Punk

Read "Jazz Punk" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Electric guitarist David Fiuczynski a.k.a. “Fuze” takes his unique stylistic approach into the next—dare we say millennium?—along with enviable and easily identifiable chops on Jazz Punk. Here, Fuze, along with drummer Zach Danziger and bassist Tim Lefebvre, perform a meltdown version of Pat Metheny’s memorable composition titled “Bright Size Life,” which is the title of the ...


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