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Thomas Marriott: Both Sides of the Fence

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Thomas Marriott
Both Sides of the Fence
Origin Records

In 1999, Thomas Marriott won the prestigious Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Competition sponsored by the International Trumpet Guild and the Herb Albert Foundation. Michael Caldwell wrote in the March 2000 International Trumpet Guild Journal: “[His] confident stage ...


Michael Blake's Hellbent, Earshot Jazz event, Tula's, Seattle, Washington

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Michael Blake's Hellbent
Earshot Jazz event, Tula's
Seattle, Washington
Saturday, February 24, 2007

Michael Blake last played in Seattle during the 2002 Earshot Jazz Festival with The Herbie Nichols Project, a group spawned by The Jazz Composers Collective. This reviewer covered the Nichols show for Coda magazine (Issue 309, ...


Scenes: Along the Way

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The scenes along the way here are generally bucolic ones, awash with that distinctive just after the sundown light celebrated by photographers. It's a contemplative journey--"no hurry, no worry," as the cliché goes. The tempos are relaxed, the timbres unfailingly warm. Subtlety is the key word. This amiable, polished music never clamors for your attention; however, ...


Earshot Aural Snapshots: 2006 Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle, October 27-30

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2006 Earshot Jazz Festival
Seattle, WA
October 27-30

Toshiko Akiyoshi
Seattle Asian Art Museum
Friday, October 27

It's a shame that economics and logistics decreed the demise of The Toshiko Akiyoski-Lew Tabackin Big Band a few years back, but Toshiko's fans around the world can ...


Satoko Fujii: Undulation, Live!!, Maru & Kobe Yee!!

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This cornucopia of pianist Satoko Fujii's large ensemble work is a daunting package. It's heavy in more ways than one. Four full-length CDs, three of them over an hour in length and one clocking in at 52:31, plus a simultaneously released concert DVD, add up to one heck of a portion of adventurous music to digest ...


Randy Weston & His African Rhythms Trio: Zep Tepi

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Randy Weston returns to the trio format for the first time in over thirty years with Zep Tepi. Poised to enter his eighth decade on the planet, Weston is an elder in every sense of the term. His distinctively percussive attack, yard-wide chords, criss-crossing rhythms and idiosyncratic melodies remain sui generis. Both literally (he's 6'9") and ...


John Tchicai / Charlie Kohlhase / Garrison Fewell: Good Night Songs

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Justly renowned since the 1960s as one of the most lyrical and imaginative players in the avant-garde, Afro-Danish reedman John Tchicai shows no signs of diminishing creativity, although he recently celebrated his 70th birthday. He has collaborated with Boston-area musicians Charlie Kohlhase and Garrison Fewell in several contexts, but this tour was the first time the ...


Junk Box: Fragment

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The prolific and omnidirectional pianist/composer/bandleader Satoko Fujii premieres her “Com-Impro" concept with this recording by her Junk Box trio. She states: “I don't use traditional music notation... for these pieces. I use words and some graphic notation. Although this kind of notation is not so new for contemporary music, it is a new avenue for me ...


ICP Orchestra in Seattle, WA

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ICP Orchestra
Seattle, WA
March 25, 2006

New Dutch Swing is the phrase coined by critic Kevin Whitehead - who wrote a book of the same name - to describe the music of the ICP (Instant Composers Pool) Orchestra, the Willem Breuker Kollektief, Bik Bent Braam and other members of the ...


The Jim Knapp Orchestra at the L.A.B. Performance Space in Seattle

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Jim Knapp Orchestra
L.A.B. Performance Space
Seattle, WA
January 9th, 2006

The Jim Knapp Orchestra inaugurated a first Monday of the month series at the Seattle Drum School's intimate and acoustically friendly L.A.B. Performance Space with a superb concert of Knapp originals and arrangements on January 9th, 2006. The sound ...