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Saxlife Plays Yes: Total Sax Retain

Read "Total Sax Retain" reviewed by Dennis Cook

Anyone who's ever collected crappy bootlegs of a favorite band will understand the illogical passion at the core of this tribute to Yes. SF Bay Area saxophonist with funkateers Ten Ton Chicken has transformed himself into a one-man sax quartet, charting out and playing all the parts of tenor, soprano, alto, and baritone (and on the ...


Kyle Hollingsworth: Never Odd Or Even

Read "Never Odd Or Even" reviewed by Dennis Cook

Press play on Never Odd Or Even and you're suddenly tuned into a foreign radio broadcast, mechanized drums and wailing voices sparring with hot wax keyboards. On his solo debut, String Cheese Incident ivory tickler Hollingsworth trots out his considerable chops, but more importantly his compositional skills. His band is a who's who of Boulder, Colorado ...


Jean Luc Ponty: In Concert

Read "In Concert" reviewed by Dennis Cook

There's a reason jazz-fusion has a bad reputation. It frequently takes the simple, graceful sway of group themes and solos and allows the latter to dominate in icky extended masturbatory excess. At the same time, the melodies are often an afterthought, an excuse for noodling and aimless technique demonstrations. Jean Luc Ponty once apprenticed with Frank ...


Vinyl: All The Way Live

Read "All The Way Live" reviewed by Dennis Cook

When a band can gather guests like organist Bernie Worrell, blues great Sugar Pie DeSanto, Son of Champlin Terry Haggerty, and bassist Rob Wasserman for a live album, it's usually worth a spin or two to see what all this high-powered talent sees in it. Vinyl, hailing from the San Francisco Bay region, play the entire ...


Zony Mash: Farewell Shows

Read "Farewell Shows" reviewed by Dennis Cook

The Hammond B3 organ and the Rhodes electric piano must possess a sorcerer's charm. Keyboardists in every genre, especially in jazz, have fallen under the sway of these instruments since their emergence in the '60s, often to point of distraction. Downtown NYC veteran Wayne Horvitz is no exception, and his Seattle based Zony Mash mixed up ...


The Slip: Live At Lupo

Read "Live At Lupo" reviewed by Dennis Cook

Uncompromising creativity. That's the harmonic buzz underscoring every note that pours from The Slip. On their first full concert release, these players announce immediately that they are forging their own path, but they've made it wide enough for anyone with the ears to hear to join them, living proof that an adventurous spirit can also be ...


Transcendental Hayride: Sweet Waters And Country Roads

Read "Transcendental Hayride: Sweet Waters And Country Roads" reviewed by Dennis Cook

Transcendental Hayride August 14, 2004 Sweetwater Saloon Mill Valley, CA The Hay wagon was already building up speed when I walked in, straw and woodsy smoke flying everywhere. Tight, warm halogen harmonies and be-de-boop keyboards took us out of Hazard County and off towards the 3rd moon of an inviting ...


Sunburned Hand Of The Man: The Trickle Down Theory of Lord Knows What

Read "The Trickle Down Theory of Lord Knows What" reviewed by Dennis Cook

"Oh great sound in the sky, please reveal yourself." Thus begins another stone soul field trip from Massachusetts' Sunburned Hand Of The Man. This is a dish composed of partially digested scraps of Pharoah Sanders' post-Coltrane hippy jams, scream therapy, the barely controlled mayhem of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and the Grateful Dead's Aoxomoxoa. And ...


Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Walking With Giants

Read "Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Walking With Giants" reviewed by Dennis Cook

Walking With Giants Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Hyena Records 2004 They are content to be where they are, talking or not talking.Their breaths together feed someone whom we do not know. Poet Robert Bly talks of a “third body" shared in common, an “other" that ...


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