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Darshan Ambient: The End of Days

Read "The End of Days" reviewed by AAJ Staff

If Darshan Ambient never released a CD before this nor after this CD – it would be enough, that is, enough to say – Wow! This is a very special man with a very special way to bring peace and serenity across time and space and into the eternal soul. It overflows with gentle flowing ambient ...


Darshan Ambient: Skyful of Bliss

Read "Skyful of Bliss" reviewed by AAJ Staff

This is the debut Darshan Ambient disc, (that I know of), and it offers a glimpse into his growth, seeing as I recently reviewed his latest 2000 release. He achieved a fine creation in his Autumn Light CD that is a must have for melodic ambient fans but what of his older works? Read on.


Darshan: Autumn Light

Read "Autumn Light" reviewed by AAJ Staff

A single word to describe Darshan is serenity. Darshan, aka Michael Allison, strives to keep things simple. Rather than employ odd dronings, weird synth effects or layer-upon-layer loopings of brain-overloading sounds -- Darshan prefers to offer the floating mote instead of swinging the heavy beam. Sparsely airy, easy caresses of synth and piano-voice keys gradually transport ...