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Chico Hamilton Quintet: The Ellington Suite

Read "The Ellington Suite" reviewed by David Rickert

Every jazz fan spends countless hours scouring the cut-out bins and used record stores looking for buried treasure. If they’re lucky, they find an out of print Blue Note, like the copy of The All Seeing Eye that I found in a record store in Portland, or incredible bargains, like the copy of Happy Frame of ...


Chico Hamilton Quintet: The Original Ellington Suite

Read "The Original Ellington Suite" reviewed by Jim Santella

The late 1950s were significant to jazz. Fresh ideas were being developed and new directions were about to become reality. The same is true, of course, for our world history of that era. Everyone was affected.

Previously unissued, The Original Ellington Suite was recorded August 22, 1958 in Los Angeles. A different Chico Hamilton Quintet (his ...