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Irving Fields meets Roberto Rodriguez: Oy Vey

Read "Irving Fields meets Roberto Rodriguez: Oy Vey" reviewed by Elliott Simon

Irving Fields/Roberto Rodriguez
Oy Vey.....Olé!!!

Irving Fields Trio
My Yiddishe Mama's Favorites

One could say that pianist Irving Fields and percussionist Roberto Rodriguez were destined ...

Irving Fields: My Yiddishe Mama Favorites

Read "My Yiddishe Mama Favorites" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo disco potrebbe essere il cult dell'estate! Non fosse altro che per la copertina, con un Irving Fields che più cool non si può, appoggiato con postura blasé all'inseparabile pianoforte, una pipa in bocca, lo sguardo da seduttore di “Love Boat", appena leggermente agée, ma per questo infallibile! La foto in realtà è, a occhio e croce, di parecchie decine ...


The Latin Jazz Stylings of Irving Fields

Read "The Latin Jazz Stylings of Irving Fields" reviewed by Elliott Simon

To completely capture the career of pianist, composer, and arranger Irving Fields is a difficult task. There are his “lounge" credentials, which place him at the top of pianists who played NYC's finest hotels and society rooms during the decades that immediately preceded and followed WWII. Piano trio albums such as Live at the Emerald Room ...