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Viktor Skokic

Composer, arranger and bass player based in Stockholm, Sweden, mainly focusing on contemporary jazz and improvised music, with a strong emphasis on rhythm and an exploratory approach to melody and harmony. Writing music for small as well as large ensembles, Viktor is always aiming at fully exploiting the potential of the format at hand. Apart from working in the field of contemporary jazz, Viktor regularly appears as an arranger and bass player in a wide range of contexts, all the way from experimental indie to children's music.


Andreas Hellkvist

Expressive, virtouoso and playful – words commonly used to describe the artistry of Swedish Hammond organ player Andreas Hellkvist. Rooted in the soul jazz tradition he has developed a unique style of his own. With his two hands on the manuals and stops and a rarely seen left foot groove on the pedals he utlilizes the full potential of the Hammond B3. Andreas discovered the Hammond organ in his late teens during the organ jazz revival of the 90s. There and then, he decided to focus entirely on this instrument, to learn all the ins and outs and how to use it in its entierty. The soul jazz originating from the organ scene of the 60s were his first inspiration and still remains the core of his playing, but his current style reflects a significantly wider spectrum of influences


Erik Borelius

Erik Borelius, guitar-player, singer and composer, has worked professionally with music since 1986. During these 33 years he has released thirteen albums, eleven through his own company and two during his time at EMI. In 1994 Erik received a Swedish Grammy for the album “SexTioTvå” – the best instrumental album in 1993 and the first recorded under Erik’s own label EB Music. The following year he was nominated with the album “Duende”. Erik’s music is often described as a peculiar blend of styles and as a guitar player he is praised for using his outstanding technique in a tasteful manner. In 1984 Erik sent a demo to EMI


Johannes Burström

Johannes Burström has been working professionally as a composer, musician, sound designer and programmer since 2006, when he got a bachelor's degree from department of jazz and improvised music in Malmö, Sweden. Besides playing the double and electric basses, he's also a prolific composer for stage and film and works as a programmer within audiovisual media.


Marius Billgobenson

Marius Billgobenson creates world music in the truest sense of the phrase. The sounds of Africa are fused with jazz instrumentation and other world influences, and expressed in music from the heart. Native beliefs and customs are intertwined with memories and life experience and the result is a groovy musical tapestry, giving voice to many indigenous peoples. Growing up amongst the sounds of the Congo River Basin, Marius’ own musicianship was fostered in guitar lessons from the missionaries of the former Swedish mission station in Ingoumina (Zanaga) where he was raised, and soon developed into creating music of his own. Working as an anthropologist, ethnomusicologist, and musician, Marius has dedicated his life and his music to bridging communities


Patrik Boman

CV Patrik Boman bass player, composer, arranger and producer Born 10/10 1964 Education: Malmö Academy of Music (Malmö faculty of fine performing arts) 1984-1985 Classical music Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm 1987-1988 Jazz Royal Collage of Music in Stockholm 2007-2009 Degree of Master (two years) in music Started playing jazz, and double bass, at 14 years old so I´ve been playing for 37 years now. Turned professional at 22 years old with the legendary swedish jazz pianist Lars Sjösten Quartet, so I´ve been playing professionally for 29 years. Lars Sjösten Quartet collaborated with, among others, artists like Benny Bailey and Bill Barron. I produced and arranged (together with pianist Peter Nordahl) as well as playing the bass on the very successful albums ”When Did You Leave Heaven” and ”Back to Earth” with Lisa Ekdahl and Peter Nordahl Trio


Karl-Henrik Ousbäck

Karl-Henrik Ousbäck is an award winning Swedish drummer and composer. He began to play the drums at the age of three and made his first recital at seven. His first album as a leader Somewhere and Somewhen was released September 5th, 2017 on Nightingale Records.


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