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Take Five with Donna Singer

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About Donna Singer

Raised in the lush Catskills, Donna Singer graduated from the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts, then studied at The Juilliard School. Her far reaching career includes European concerts in Paris, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy and Wales. She has performed at the Metropolitan Opera Guild Recital Hall in Lincoln Center, Central Park's ...


Guitarist Erik Borelius Releases New Video Of The Latin Jazzy Melody Silver Echo

Guitarist Erik Borelius Releases New Video Of The Latin Jazzy Melody Silver Echo

Time for release of the video Silver Echo from the album Erik Borelius №13. It takes place in a dreamlike moonlit landscape and has a Latin temper with echoes between electric and acoustic guitars. Silver Echo was frequently played on Swedish Radio when released and was also featured as “Track of the Day" on All About ...

Susanna Risberg

Susanna Risberg is a celebrated and exciting young guitarist and composer from Sweden. Having worked with a wide variety of musicians and artists, in different ways, such as Marit Bergman, Henric de La Cour, Svante Thuresson, Nils Landgren, Miriam Bryant, Blue House Jazz Orchestra among others, received numerous awards and toured all over the world with her own group ”Susanna Risberg Trio” she has already in her 20’s earned her place in the music world. At the age of 10 she got her very first guitar. Inspired by her hero Jimi Hendrix she formed a blues/rock trio, which sooner developed into a quartet


Susanna Risberg: Bold As Love

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Listen to Susanna Risberg playing and it doesn't take long to realize that the twenty-eight-year-old Swedish guitarist is a bit special. Despite her relatively young years Risberg has been gigging for fifteen years already, turning more than a few heads along the way with a style that is unflashy yet exciting, technically impressive yet emotionally keen. ...


Guitarist and composer Erik Borelius’ releases New Album - Expedition Inside

Guitarist and composer Erik Borelius’ releases New Album - Expedition Inside

Swedish Grammy winner, guitarist and composer Erik Borelius, releases his fourteenth album Expedition Inside. It contains the nine singles Erik Borelius released during 2017-18. For Erik, this is a new and exciting way to present his music. For each song, Erik painted and took photos for the single cover design based on his interpretation of the ...


Gustav Lundgren

Gustav Lundgren is one of Sweden's most prominent jazz guitarists right now. He was born in Stockholm 1980, started to play guitar at age 12. He studied music in Stockholm, Bollnäs and Svalöv between 1996-2000. Gustav started to play at clubs around Stockholm at age 16 and made his first tour to Spain with his own trio at age 19. Between 2000-2010 Gustav toured Japan, USA, England, Brazil, France, Syria, Turkey, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland with different jazz groups. He has recorded over 70 CDs as a side man and over 20 solo albums. Gustav Lundgren has been working with names like: Chris Cheek, Jimmy Rosenberg, Jorge Rossy, Doug Weiss, Bill McHenry, Lelo Nika, Marian Petrescu, Rasmus Faber, Antoine Boyer & Gustavo Bergalli. Gustav Lundgren is well known within Jazz, Gypsy-Swing and House


Erik Palmberg: Swiss Time Was Running Out

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2018 has been a year of many outstanding and surprising new records. One worth special notice is First Lines by Swedish trumpeter Erik Palmberg and his quartet. Featuring mostly original compositions, the music is fresh and crisp yet steeped in jazz tradition. The 37-year-old instrumentalist spoke about his new album and musical background with All About ...


Thomas Wingren

Wingren has dedicated most of his life to studies in percussion and his career as a free-lance musician. His drive for expanding his knowledge has taken him to places of special musical interest like New York, Rio de Janeiro and Havana for in-depth studies. Though the folk music tradition always has been the starting point, the use of percussion in jazz and progressive electronica has been his focus the last couple of years. By widening his field of work in this direction a lot of new possibilities have opened up with the use of samplers, looping-techniques and computer based gear. The integration of new technology in acoustic music has resulted in Wingrens most ambitious project to date, Soundscape Orchestra which is a quintet playing futuristic electronic jazz based on productions in Ableton Live


Ilaria Capalbo

Ilaria Capalbo is a jazz bass player, singer, cellist and composer. Based in Stockholm (SE) and Naples (IT), she currently works all over Europe and has so far collaborated with national and international artists and composed original music for institutions like the Nobel Museum. Active in many ensembles, from duos to orchestras, she is a professional with a wide variety of experience. She is also a composer and bandleader, and is currently finishing her last year of Master at KMH in Stockholm; her original works bear a strong connection with her classical background and an affinity with contemporary music and improvisational techniques

Ilaria Capalbo / Stefano Falcone

The collaboration between bassist and composer Ilaria Capalbo and pianist/composer Stefano Falcone is a work in progress, evolving since the pair met during studies and as their careers took shape, bringing Ilaria to Sweden and Stefano to Italy. The duo works on original compositions, co-writing and free improvisation, leading the tiny ensemble towards a distinctive, chamber-like sound that well represents the musicians' respective backgrounds and experiences. With this project, Stefano and Ilaria were featured as Artists In Residence for two years in a row at JazzIt Fest, a yearly event organized by Italy’s most prominent jazz magazine