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High Brow And The Shades Brew Spicy Funk And Jazzy Rock On New CD

Toss in the sardonic observations and mélange of jazz and rock of Steely Dan, and then spice it up with the sweaty funk and Latin pulse of Earth, Wind & Fire. The resulting dish? None other than the Minnesota band High Brow and the Shades. In an age of gimmicky, computer-controlled dance acts, High Brow flash ...


Interview: James "Jimmy G" Gutzman Of High Brow And The Shades

Q: When and how did High Brow and the Shades form? A: High Brow started the way a lot of bands start — a couple of guys from one band and a couple from another. That was in 1998. The newly-formed band was fortunate in that we had four strong vocalists. We could all sing lead and ...