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Alessandro Galati: Wheeler Variations

Read "Wheeler Variations" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Il trombettista e compositore canadese Kenny Wheeler, scomparso nel 2014, è stato uno dei musicisti più importanti del jazz europeo --ha infatti vissuto in Inghilterra fin dal 1952, operando principalmente nel vecchio continente --e ha avuto una grande influenza sullo sviluppo di questa musica anche nel nostro paese. Tra i musicisti italiani che hanno collaborato con ...


Martin Pyne: Behind The Mist

Read "Behind The Mist" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Ten solo vibraphone improvisations, recorded in single takes with occasional electronic processing on three tracks, form the content of Martin Pyne's Behind The Mist. Pyne creates cool, spacious, crystalline sounds--music that seems to emerge organically from its inspirations.

Pyne is a member of Busnoys, has accompanied silent films and has worked with jazz and ...


Julie Tippetts: Didn't You Used To Be Julie Driscoll?

Read "Julie Tippetts: Didn't You Used To Be Julie Driscoll?" reviewed by Duncan Heining

The respect in which Julie Tippetts is held by her fellow musicians and fans is truly heartening--and truly deserved. Back in the late sixties, then Julie Driscoll, she gave up a very different career trajectory in music, one that had begun with Steampacket and continued with Brian Auger & The Trinity, to follow a journey characterised ...


Flying Machines: Flying Machines

Read "Flying Machines" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Flying Machines is the eponymous debut album by a group led by British guitarist Alex Munk whose late father Roger Munk was the inspiration for the project. Munk Senior was a leading figure in the design and construction of modern airships, otherwise known as Hybrid Air Vehicles. Munk Junior graduated in 2009 from Leeds College of ...


Francis Monkman: The Long Good Friday OST

Read "The Long Good Friday OST" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Not merely one of the best films of the 1970s, The Long Good Friday was arguably one of the best and most exciting British movies of the twentieth century. Aside from the acting, in which its stars, Bob Hoskins, Eddie Constantine, and Helen Mirren gave stellar performances, the soundtrack by ex-Curved Air keyboardist Francis Monkman was ...


Alessandro Galati Sextet - The Wheeler Variations

Read "Alessandro Galati Sextet - The Wheeler Variations" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Corte delle Sculture

Firmato dal pianista Alessandro Galati, che ce ne parlava già in un'intervista di qualche tempo fa, The Wheeler Variations nasce poco dopo la scomparsa del grande trombettista canadese Kenny Wheeler, come memoria e omaggio ad opera di musicisti che lo avevano conosciuto e apprezzato lavorandovi a ...


Liam Noble: A Room Somewhere

Read "A Room Somewhere" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

A Room Somewhere is Liam Noble's second solo album: a mix of standards and improvised pieces that showcases this fine pianist's talents to excellent effect.

Occasionally, critics refer to second albums as “difficult." The assumption is that the first album draws inspiration from 20 years of the artist's life, the second draws on one ...


A dialogo con Alessandro Galati

Read "A dialogo con Alessandro Galati" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Alessandro Galati è un pianista fiorentino che può vantare una carriera estremamente ricca di esperienze in direzioni anche molto diverse -come testimoniato dai nomi di alcuni dei più noti musicisti con cui ha collaborato in modo continuativo: Kenny Wheeler, Arild Andersen, Dave Liebman.

Oggi è possibile racchiudere idealmente la sua esperienza artistica nel ...


Tommaso Starace: Italian Short Stories

Read "Italian Short Stories" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Il sassofonista Tommaso Starace divide la sua attività artistica tra l'Italia, la Svizzera e l'Inghilterra ma è più conosciuto nel Paese d'Oltremanica, dove s'è trasferito nel 1994 all'età di 19 anni, perfezionando i suoi studi al Birmingham Conservatoire e alla Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Ha al suo attivo cinque album da leader e collaborazioni ...


Kenny Wheeler: Songs for Quintet

Read "Songs for Quintet" reviewed by Robert Bush

Recorded less than a year before his death, trumpeter Kenny Wheeler's swan song is a document that sings with smoldering beauty and palpable heartache--all captured in the typically sublime detail that has become the trademark of the ECM label.

Wheeler concentrates on flugelhorn throughout, and his long-time association with saxophonist Stan Sulzmann ...