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A tribute to Hamiet Bluiett, and new releases

Read "A tribute to Hamiet Bluiett, and new releases" reviewed by Bob Osborne

A large part of this show features a tribute to the late Hamiet Bluiett, one of the pre-eminent exponents of the baritone saxophone known for his outstanding solo work and a key member of the World Saxophone Quartet. There are also a selection of new releases with some highlights from the ECM back catalogue. Playlist Stefon Harris & Blackout “Dat Dere" Sonic Creed (Motéma Music) 00:00 Benoît Delbecq, Jorrit Dijkstra, John Hollenbeck “Place" Linger (Driff Records) 06:40 ...


Hamiet Bluiett

Read "Hamiet Bluiett" reviewed by Clifford Allen

When one thinks of great baritone saxophonists, the list is relatively short: Harry Carney, Serge Chaloff, John Surman and Hamiet Bluiett are the names that come most quickly to mind. Compared to the vast number of tenor and alto players, or even the throngs of soprano-doublers, the baritone is a criminally underrepresented horn. Part of this is that it was often a bottom-end instrument in large orchestras, often relegated to a supporting role: there are far more Bruce Grants than ...


Hamiet Bluiett: Baritone Nation

Read "Baritone Nation" reviewed by Larry Koenigsberg

There's an overwhelming funk groove in this recording from the 1997 Montreal International Jazz Festival. It may be a little bottom heavy, but those baritones can shriek, too, and all the players have chops to burn. With Burrage pounding out the beat, it must have been a spectacular concert. The jazz saxophone quartet, the instrumentation first borrowed from classical music for jazz by Anthony Braxton over two decades ago, is now well established. Bluiett, a founder of the World Saxophone ...


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